Emmy Episode Analysis: Jon Voight (‘Ray Donovan’) survives a hit in ‘Fite Nite’

Jon Voight looks to match his Golden Globe win earlier this year with a Best Drama Supporting Actor Emmy for his portrayal of Mickey Donovan in Showtime’s “Ray Donovan.”

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SYNOPSIS: In Voight’s submitted episode, “Fite Nite,” Mickey trains his son for an upcoming boxing match. He receives a phone call from Linda (Rosanna Arquette), whom he had recently threatened with a gun while flirting. She asks Mickey to meet with her to discuss their previous encounter. Mickey agrees.

At a diner, Mickey apologizes to her; he thought threats and gunplay were what she wanted from him. The two spend the rest of the day together, but when she’s about to leave his apartment, an intruder, Sully (James Woods), holds her at gunpoint.

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Sully and his partner take Linda and Mickey to an open grave in a remote area, where Sully explains that he’s being paid for the hit by Mickey’s own son Ray (Liev Schreiber). Despite Mickey’s pleas, they kill Linda and dump her into the grave. As they’re about to kill Mickey next, Sully tells him that he’s also avenging the murder of his former lover, but Mickey laughs and insists he has proof he didn’t kill her. Mickey points him to the real killer, and Sully sets him free.

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Mickey arrives at his son’s boxing match, where he confronts Ray and warns him that it’s time he watch his own back. He then goes to greet Ray’s wife and children with a hug.

Will Emmy voters side with Voight for Drama Supporting Actor? Let’s analyze the pros and cons:


Voight gets a lot of emotion to play. He comes off as mean, but the apology scene and his pleas for Linda’s life show a different side of Mickey that voters will feel for.

Mickey is prominent throughout the episode. Even when Voight is off-screen, there’s constant mention of Mickey’s name and whereabouts.

Jon Voight is a legend. He has won an Oscar, several Golden Globes, a BAFTA, and several other critics’ awards during his long career, but not one Emmy. Voters may feel it’s time to honor him.


Mickey isn’t as flamboyant a character as you’d expect for a bad guy. Voight’s scenes are very restrained, not allowing him any grand explosive moments.

Voight often seems to play bad guys. Though he has some sentimental moments, voters may think they’ve seen this kind of performance from him before.

Voight is the only nomination for “Ray Donovan.” Is there really much support for the series in the TV academy?

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Voight currently sits fourth in our predictions with 20/1 odds. Do you agree? Or do you think he can turn the tables on his competition the way Mickey turns the tables on Ray? Make your predictions below.

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