Editors’ Emmy predictions slugfest: Who’ll win Best Drama Supporting Actor?

In our new prediction slugfest, Gold Derby Editors have an all-out war over this year’s Best Drama Supporting Actor contenders. Can Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones“) earn a second trophy thanks to his passionate speech? Will Josh Charles continue the Emmys’ pattern of awarding a star from “The Good Wife” every year? Or might Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad“) make Emmy history by winning a third trophy in this category?

Duking it out in our latest video (watch below) are Rob Licuria, Charles Bright and Ralph Galvan as they analyze the episodes submitted to Emmy judges as examples of their best work from the past TV season. Dinklage chose “The Laws of Gods and Men,” Charles submitted “Hitting the Fan” and Paul went with “Confessions.” The other nominees are: Jim Carter for “Downton Abbey” (“Episode 4.1”), Mandy Patinkin for “Homeland” (“Gerontion”) and Jon Voight for “Ray Donovan“) (“Fite Nite”).

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Peter Dinklage | Josh Charles | Aaron Paul

As we know, passionate speeches often win Emmys, so that’s why the Editors are predicting Dinklage to be an Emmy threat despite his limited screen time. He gives a rousing speech in his episode where he fights back in King’s Landing’s court and defends his honor about the bogus murder charge thrown against him. However, this will be the very last time for Emmy voters to reward Charles or Paul for these two popular roles, so that could definitely play a factor for these two.

While Bright makes a case for Carter to win, both Licuria and Galvan have the “Downton Abbey” featured player ranked low on their own personal ballots. All three Editors wonder if the “Homeland” backlash could hurt Patinkin’s chances, and they concede that while Voight may have received his Emmy nod due to name recognition, he’s still an underdog this year when it comes to actually winning.

Gold Derby’s official combined racetrack odds currently find Paul in first place with 5/6 odds, Charles in second place with 4/1 odds, Dinklage in third place with 9/2 odds, Voight in fourth place with 20/1 odds, and Patinkin and Carter tied for last place with 100/1 odds.

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Jim Carter
| Mandy Patinkin | Jon Voight

See all of our Editors’ predictions ranked per category here. Compare them to forecasts by the Emmy Experts here and by our Top 24 Users here. See the rankings and racetrack odds generated when all predictions are combined.

Do you agree with our Editors’ predictions for Best Drama Supporting Actor? Make your own predictions below the video and then sound off in the comments section or join the discussion in our Emmys forum. See the full list of Emmy episode submissions here.

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