16 hottest forums posts: Will Entertainer of the Year be McConaughey, Cumberbatch or Pratt?

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15 hottest forums posts:
Your Thanksgiving choices as the worst film turkeys

Who will be chosen by EW as Entertainer of the Year?

Joe: I think Martin Freeman could be a huge contender. He probably won’t be Entertainer of the Year, but he could easily be in the top 10. He had Fargo, Sherlock, and The Hobbit this year (all of which have had great publicity. I could also see Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Imitation Game), Angelina Jolie (Maleficent, Unbroken), and Mark Ruffalo (The Normal Heart, Foxcatcher) also making it. But if I had to choose a frontrunner, it would me Matthew McConaughey.

24Emmy: Chris Pratt is the star of both The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s hard to beat. He should win.

nkb325: Maybe Angelina Jolie? Starring in the biggest movie of her career (i think), directing a possible huge oscar contender, and although its not really related to entertaining but she finally married Brad Pitt haha. Although even with that all said, if i had to pick someone to guess I’d go with Matthew McConaughey.

KyleBailey: I feel like since GQ already has Pratt as one of their Men of the Year they will pass on him like People did for Sexiest Man Alive. McConaughey is a good pick but I feel like they like to go with someone that is in the now and not someone who was really big at the begining of the year. The last two were Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck riding on October movies so he might get in with the hype around Interstellar. I think Neil Patrick Harris is a safe choice, he will definitly be inside the magazine somewhere. Jolie is a possibility too like with Bullock only really doing two big projects (The Heat/Gravity) rather than many like some of the other people they pick in the magazine.

ProfessorChaos: Chris Pratt, Taylor Swift or some Entertainment Weekly gimmick like The Cast of “The Walking Dead.”

Awardsfunyay: Viola Davis should be on the list, with the amazing “How to Get Away with Murder” and performances in Get On Up and Eleanor Rigby.

Atypical: I think in terms of selling magazine copies and EW’s overall mindset about movie stars above all else, Entertainer of the Year goes to Matthew McConaughey. It’s so like them to make a choice like that, and let’s not forget that they were all aboard on the McConaissance train just like most media outlets were at the time. The Oscar win for “Dallas Buyers Club,” the huge success and mythology behind HBO’s “True Detective” and his enigmatic Rust Cohle character, those ubiquitous “Lincoln” car commercial ads, the constant parodying on “Saturday Night Live” of all things McConaughey, and now with “Interstellar” currently in theaters topping the box office for a few weeks.

vinny: After Angelina was on the cover this week, I think that Taylor Swift might get this but then a part of me wonders if we might get a wild card like Ariana Grande, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Eddie Redmayne.

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ debuts first teaser trailer

FNLFan89: Wow. It needs to be December 2015 already.

Tye-Grr: What a great teaser. It did it exactly what it should do, which is show just enough to get me even more excited than I already was. I absolutely can’t wait. I wonder who’s doing the voice-over? It sounds like Cumberbatch, who was rumored to be in it, but of the people confirmed it could be Adam Driver, Max von Sydow, or Andy Serkis. Any one have a guess as to which?

Ain’t No Elitist: A fine trailer, I must say. Also, the SW Universe has become home to a couple of 2014’s Best Actor contenders. You got Oscar Isaac starring in this (he’s the X-Wing pilot in the trailer) and David Oyelowo voice acting in ‘Star Wars Rebels’.

ThemeParks4Life: This was the perfect teaser trailer, can’t wait!

Possible Golden Globe “wild card” TV predictions

tommy: Melissa McBride / THE WALKING DEAD (I feel that this could be like a Monica Potter nomination, highly deserving and positive remarks from critics. The Walking Dead also managed to get a Drama Series nomination for its first season so it is more “on the radar” than Parenthood was.)

Ryan Lapierre: I think we can see Uzo Aduba entering the race.

Boidiva02: Well, based on critical acclaim and ratings I’m guessing maybe that Jane the Virgin might sneak into one or two comedy categories?

vinny: I get this feeling that Tea Leoni might get nominated for “Madam Secretary.”

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