Watch: Martin Freeman on being a good guy gone bad in ‘Fargo’

Lately, Martin Freeman is best known for playing heroic roles in “Sherlock” and the “Hobbit” films, which made him appreciate the change of pace of his darker role in FX’s anthology series “Fargo,” adapted from the Coen brothers’ 1996 classic.

“One always wants to do something else. Whatever it is you do or don’t do I think the next job is always like, ‘What buttons haven’t I pushed for a while or ever?’” said Freeman. “Every actor wants to do that. Every actor wants to play everything from a murderer to a lover to a hero – everything. [My character] Lester really affords that very well. You see an awful lot of humanity in Lester — I think I get to play pretty much everything in the human experience in those 10 episodes. It’s fantastic.”

Watch: Billy Bob Thornton secretly loves playing that sly devil in ‘Fargo

When we first meet Lester Nygaard, the mild-mannered insurance salesman is humiliated by his brother, a high school bully, and even his wife, but a chance encounter with a violent criminal (Billy Bob Thornton) changes everything. The miniseries premieres on April 15.

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