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“Homeland” Season 4

vinny: The Drone Queen: Talk about starting off with a bang! Such an intense episode. My grade: B+. Trylon and Perisphere: She named her daughter Frannie? Interesting choice. Carrie shouldn’t be allowed near children. Quinn is simultaneously annoying me but is an interesting character. This might be the year Rupert Friend is Emmy nominated if he keeps up the good work. This episode also was the better one for Danes in my opinion as well. My grade: A

Atypical: It wasn’t that bad a start to the season. Slow-moving for sure, but this was all mostly exposition for the entire season. Carrie Mathison is still as fascinating a character as she ever was (I really wouldn’t have put it past her to drown her baby, just to get rid of her major “problem” so she could get back to the Middle East and fight those terrorists; and what an awful, tossed-off name for her new baby). I miss Damian Lewis‘s presence on the show already, but I guess Rupert Friend could fill in that void if they don’t automatically lead us toward a Carrie/Quinn romance. Suraj Sharma was somewhat shaky at first glance, so I don’t know. Could Corey Stoll have lasted for more than one episode? For shame lol. Mandy Patinkin is still a cornerstone for the series. My favorite scenes of the night were the ones with Carrie and Saul together. I’ll stick with more episodes to see where the season goes.

Best Actress 2014

ETPhoneHome: So far, Rosamund Pike is the one to beat. I think Julianne Moore is a really strong contender, but I won’t feel comfortable predicting her to win until I’ve actually seen the film. I can’t see anyone else winning, unless Adams’ performance is much better than it looks.

Nessie: Haven’t seen Gone Girl (going this evening), but Julianne Moore is desperately overdue. Julie Christie‘s lovely performance in Away from Her (presumably a similar role) was beaten by Marion Cotillard.  Makes me think the Academy isn’t keen on movies about Alzheimer’s (they’re old, let’s face it, a sensitive and maybe too painful topic?).

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“Inherent Vice”

Actriz: This trailer was AMAZING. Paul Thomas Anderson looks like he has done it again: complete mastery of style, tone and storytelling. Joaquin Phoenix looks brilliantly committed and disappeared into this role. The big winner of the trailer though is Josh Brolin who definitely had the most memorable moment. This looks like a true riot of a film and I’m dreading seeing the film’s box office receipts and Oscar nomination count because both will probably be nothing but disappointing.

TomHardys: I LOOOOOOVE the overall tone and atmosphere of the trailer, it’s the 70’s in a nutshell! Phoenix looks terrific (as usual) and I’m surprised by how much attention Katherine Waterston gets in the trailer. She’s basically an unknown and she gets to be listed in the trailer and has several cute scenes… I think this confirms my suspects that she can acutally be a serious contender in the Supporting Actress field and I will for sure predict her. Loved Josh Brolin, loved the cinematography and LOVED THE NARRATION. I’m so excited, this is one of the most interesting year in movies in a very long time

Eddy Q: As for me, I’ve wiped it off all my predictions except for Brolin, Waterston and Screenplay, and I’m not too confident about them either. I expect it won’t get any tech noms, not even for Robert Elswit‘s cinematography (remember that continuous opening shot in Boogie Nights? Oscar didn’t care.) And the music branch have their batons up their asses way too much to allow Jonny Greenwood into their ranks.I expect Anderson doesn’t give a shit, and the movie might be great, but I think it’s time to accept the Academy as a whole just aren’t that fussed about his films. He has one nomination for directing, which is two less than Stephen Daldrums.

“Project Runway” Season 13

EmmyLoser: Yes, yes, yes! What an episode! I love this one from top to bottom. I totally agree, I can’t imagine them getting a better Emmy submission than this. Aside from all the runway excitement, this also had the classic Project Runway element of not just being a “buy fabric, make dress” challenge with the storage unit bidding, plus the added twist of the third look (which I kind of think the designers should have expected when they gave them two days for the challenge), AND past winner and the show’s most famous alum Christian Siriano as a guest judge. And Zac Posen got a haircut. What more could you want?

Fishbiscuit: Korina kept on chirping she was the better designer yet she failed to take the opprotunity to prove it. That is why she went home.

jamesclim: Just caught up with the latest episode. It was awesome! Korina was great “villain” to have and her downfall was amazing! to be beaten by someone she kept trashing – that’s great tv.

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Showtime Revives “Twin Peaks”

taloson: I am so beyond excited for this. As someone who finished watching Twin Peaks earlier this year, this news is coming at just the right time! So apparently it’s a limited series. I’m wondering if it will have any Emmy potential. They loved it in the first season, despite not having the broad support to win anything big. Assuming it maintains the quality of the first season we could be looking at some very overdue Emmy glory.

Icky: I didn’t quite know how to feel about this at first. But after just a few more seconds I got pretty excited. Limited episodes and more freedom on premium cable really allows David Lynch to get freaky (but hopefully not too freaky). I need for this to be a miniseries only. If not Lynch will get restless and the ship will fall apart again. Cable has gotten a lil monotonous over the last couple of years. This should at least be a break from the same droop. Story wise, I’d love if they found some way to connect this show’s world with that of Mulholland Drive or Lost Highway.

AFI Life Achievement Award to Steve Martin

Macbeth: Excellent  brilliant choice. I could be wrong, but with this, is it correct that he only needs a Cecil B. DeMille Award and he’s got all the major honorary awards (Honorary Oscar, AFI and Kennedy Centre Honor?).

KT: These lifetime achievement awards are meaningless. It is egregious what names have been passed over and when some people have been honored. I’m upset for the filmmakers, who get pushed to the sidelines time and time again for celebrities and marquee names. We here in America do less to honor the visionary storytellers and auteurs than any other country.

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