Will ‘Game of Thrones’ reign over the Emmys as Best Drama Series?

Game of Thrones” sure looks like it will rule on Emmy Awards night, having reaped the most nominations – 19, which is three more than it earned last year. But let’s remember that “Game of Thrones” only seized two Emmy crowns in 2013 and they were both in crafts categories: Makeup and Visual Effects. The only major Emmy Award it has ever won was a trophy for Best Supporting Actor bagged by Peter Dinklage in 2011 for the first season.

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The problem that “Game of Thrones” faces at the Emmys is the long-standing bias against what are called “genre” shows: programs with fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. But, hey, one other program was able to break through in recent years – “Lost,” which won Best Drama Series in 2005.

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