What are the Top 10 Emmy hopes for ‘Game of Thrones’?

All season long, I’ve been picking apart the moves on “Game of Thrones.” Now that season four has come to an end, let’s take a look at its top 10 hopes at the Emmys, ranging from the potential for a fourth consecutive bid for Best Drama Series to three wild card chances for a Best Directing nomination. Be sure to check out the photo gallery with my top 10 amazing moments of the year at the bottom of this post

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Best Drama Series (#1)
“Game of Thrones” is sitting in fourth place on our chart for this top prize with odds of 8/1. While the show has contended for each of its first three seasons, it has never won this award. It lost to “Mad Men” (2011), “Homeland” (2012) and “Breaking Bad” (2013). The defending champ is the overwhelming frontrunner this year, with “True Detective” and “House of Cards” in second and third place respectively. 

Best Drama Supporting Actor (#2)
Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) won this race for the first year of “Game of Thrones” and contended for both the second and third seasons. This year, hehas two great episodes: the season finale (“The Children”) and my pick, “The Laws of God and Men,” in which he has a breakdown after being on trial. It could score another win for him as he predicted to be a close second to two-time champ Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”).

[Three of Dinklage’s castmates — Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime), Charles Dance (Tywin) and Kit Harington (Jon) — are also in contention for this award.]

Best Drama Supporting Actress (#3, #4)
Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) was nominated last year and is predicted to return to the race this year, although she is in fourth place, well back of defending champ Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”). Clarke’s best episode submission is “Breaker of Chains,” in which her character addresses the slaves of Meereen.

Clarke’s co-star Maisie Williams (Arya) could really shake up the race if she reaps a bid and submits either the season opener (“Two Swords”) or “Mockingbird,” both of which showcase Arya’s ruthless adaptation to the game.

[Lena Headey (Cersei), who spoke with us about the controversial “Breaker of Chains,’ Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery) have also been submitted.]

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Best Drama Guest Actor (#5)
Only one guest actor was entered: Pedro Pascal (Oberyn), who has wisely submitted “Mockingbird.” In this episode, his character, the Viper, shares his quest for justice in an emotionally gripping monologue. If he can get nominated, which is a longshot given his lack of name recognition, a win is not out of reach.

Best Drama Guest Actress (#6)
Diana Rigg (Olenna), who was nominated in this category last year, was the only guest actress submitted. This Tony winner has entered “The Lion and the Rose,” in which King Joffrey met his end. 

Best Drama Writing (#7)
The only episode submitted by the show was the season finale, “The Children.” This savvy move avoids vote splitting and gives this 66-minute episode with skeletons, dragon and a murder a great chance of being nominated. Last year, the iconic “Red Wedding” episode was nominated here. 

Best Drama Directing (#8, #9, #10)
However, vote splitting could be an issue in this category as three episodes — “The Laws of God and Men,” “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children” — were entered. While “Watchers” has the visuals of the battle on the wall could puts ‘Watchers’ in the best position, “Children” was directed by Alex Graves, who reaped two bids for his work on “The West Wing.” However, while the pilot contended in this category, the helmers of both seasons two and three were snubbed. 

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