Poll: Can ‘Game of Thrones’ win Best Drama Series at Emmys?

For all three years it has been on TV, “Game of Thrones” has been nominated for Best Drama Series at the Emmys, but it lost to “Mad Men” (2011), “Homeland” (2012) and “Breaking Bad” (2013).

Now can it finally rule upon the Television Academy’s throne? Over at Metacritic, “Game of Thrones” has an impressive score of 94. According to Gold Derby’s official racetrack odds, it’s definitely in serious contention, ranked fourth with 9-to-1 odds.

Our forum posters believe the premiere episode was socko. Below, sample comments. Read more here.

Laactingnyc: I thought the premiere was great!!!! Can’t wait for next week! Damn this is a great show. Arya kicked ass. 🙂 

Atypical: The pacing and usually fragmented nature of this show was much better in this premiere than others. Everyone they covered got their due without feeling shortchanged. Very strong premiere. Nice to see the aftereffects of the Red Wedding still rippling through the main characters, especially Sansa and Arya. Maisie Williams, bitches!

ThemeParks4Life: This felt like it would have been better suited for a season finale then premiere. I did love the ending though, Arya is getting more badass each episode. Can’t wait for next week with all the hype!

Denis: Her delivery of that last scene was sure creep and awesome, but the rest, nothing happened, meh premiere despite the final scene.

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