‘Game of Thrones’: Best (and dumbest) moves in ‘The Children’ episode

While the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” wrapped up with some big moves, it is still sitting in fourth place with odds of 8/1 to win Best Drama Series at this year’s Emmys. A record 7 million viewers tuned in to see Hodor fight skeletons, Brienne take on the Hound, Arya go her own way and Tyrion escape the capitol. Let’s have a look at the episode’s moves:

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Moves of the Week

1. Tyrion Lannister ends the game for his father
After having saved the city and his family in season two, Tyrion has been shown nothing but disdain from his father since. This season he was even sentenced to death by him. To advance in this game, Tyrion needed to cut his father loose. Finding his ex-girlfriend in Tywin’s bed, he decides to do just that; he grabs the nearest crossbow and, in his boldest move yet, the imp ends the game for the man who has been holding him back the most.

2. Stannis Baratheon takes to the Wall
After getting the funds he needed in Bravos, Stannis goes north to an area in dire need of leadership and forces. Perhaps we now have a king who is aware of the biggest threat in the game, the white walkers. After spending so long praying to the lord of light, he’s gone to where it is most cold and is potentially positioned to take the reins of the game next season.

3. Bran Stark finds the three-eyed crow
With all the skeletons, children and a glowing tree who knows what was going on with Bran Stark this week. He was finally able to find the three-eyed crow, who turned out not to be a crow, nor did it have hree eyes. But he did promise Bran that he could make him fly, so let’s call it a win.

Dumbest Move: Tywin Lannister loses the game 
For four seasons, he needlessly tormented Tyrion and in this episode he finally pushed him too far. Even in his last moments, Tywin underestimated Tyrion’s ability to make the killer move and there you have it: he’s out of the game.

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Emmy Moves: 
We now have another potential episode submission for Peter Dinklage. However, I think “Laws of God’s and Men” would be a stronger pick for him. This is the only episode on the writing ballot. 

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