Top 10 most amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ moves of Season 4

Right now the ultimate “Game of Thrones” battle rages on across the web. Fans clash in a cyber-bloodbath over what they believe were most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping turns of the recent season, but they’ll never agree. So please permit me to ascend my own personal throne and decree the Top 10 Most Amazing Moves of Season 4.

Dare to topple me, if you will. Fire your salvos in the comments section below.

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There’s a kingly feast of choices. I loved it when Ayra Stark reclaimed her sword Needle and gave that d*!n Polliver what he deserved. Like you, I am suddenly leery of Melisandre now that she employed some icky magic trick to slay two kings. (Is the third one next?) My blood rushed during the battles over the wall and my spirits soared as Daenerys threw off slave chains across the Narrow Sea.

But, wait! What was the single best, peak moment of all? Scroll down and flip through my photo gallery — or click here — and all will be revealed.

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