Top 15 forum posts of the week: ‘Transformers’ at Oscars, Golden Globes predix, Emmy longshots

Our forums are full of insiders who dish the latest goings on in Tinseltown. Can you guess the famous folk hiding behind these screen names?

This week’s hottest topics include the Oscar odds for “Transformers 4,” early Golden Globe predictions, your Emmy longshots and potential snubs and dream casts for remakes of Oscar champs.  

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Are ‘Transformers’ flicks kaput at the Oscars?

Tom O’Neil: The first Transformers was nommed for 3 Oscars, the second one for 1, the third for 3. Seems like the franchise has had staying power in the tech areas. But none of them has ever WON. What’s your prediction for “Extinction”?

FNLFan89: Hopefully kaput. If a franchise like Transformers can win an Oscar, and one like Harry Potter couldn’t, that would be such an embarassment.

Never too early … Golden Globe predictions

ts1989: Best Drama
Gone Girl
Inherent Vice

Tyler G: Best Comedy/Musical
Into the Woods
Inherent Vice
Jersey Boys

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What’s your biggest longshot Emmy nomination prediction … ?

Laactingnyc: Parks and Recreation in Comedy Series (it could happen)

nahborghi: Kate McKinnon breaks into the supporting actress category. Something tells me Merrit Wever will be the new Eric Stonestreet/Jon Cryer of this year, the win-it-and-leave it type, so that makes the room for a new SNL castmember to get nods here. She’s the best from the cast, and her impressions are spot on… I’m about 20% sure this will happen, though.

RichardR: Laverne Cox . I think she can get in if they really embrace Orange.

GraysWay: I am DEFINITELY going balls to the wall this year on my nominations … not playing it safe imo. Mariska Hargitay:  Drama Actress  (Her rape scenario w/Pablo Schreiber on Law & Order was perfection). 

Mazoscar: Jonathan Groff – lead actor in a comedy series

Webly: I guess my longshot is Frances Conroy for AHS. She has a lot of previous Emmy nominations and I think her work this season might get her a Emmy nomination.

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Ricky Gervais, Matt Bomer, Keri Russell, Kerry Washington …

What Emmy snub would make you most angry?

dude93:I will be heartbroken if Veep doesn’t get a directing and writing nom. 

Nessie: Woody Harrelson missing out on a nomination.

Nellypologetic: James Earl Jones being snubbed for his guest spot on Big Bang Theory…they rerunning it now and hit it out the park LOL 

Your dream cast for remake of an Oscar-winning film

OnTheAisle: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Liam Neeson as George, Cate Blanchett as Martha, Matt Damon as Nick, Jennifer Lawrence as Honey, no one as the bartender since the unnecessary roadhouse sequence will be properly set back at the college.

FilmGuy619:Here is my dream cast for an imaginary remake of The Godfather
Daniel Day Lewis as Vito Bradley Cooper as Michael Mark Ruffalo as Fredo Christian Bale as Sonny Mila Kunis as Connie Rooney Mara as Kay Joseph Gordon Levitt as Tom

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