‘Birdman’ and ‘Boyhood’ will be top Golden Globe nominees for film

Based on our Golden Globe predictions in 11 motion picture categories – excluding Best Score, Best Song, and Best Foreign Language Film – “Birdman” will be the top nominee, earning six bids, followed by “Boyhood” with five. (Click here for our complete predictions by category.)

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Birdman” will be nominated for Best Musical/Comedy Film, Best Musical/Comedy Actor (Michael Keaton), Best Film Supporting Actor (Edward Norton), Best Film Supporting Actress (Emma Stone), Best Director (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu), and Best Screenplay. If composer Antonio Sanchez makes the cut for Best Score, as we currently expect him to do at the Oscars, that will bring “Birdman’s” total to seven.

Meanwhile, “Boyhood” will be nominated five times: Best Drama Film, Best Film Supporting Actor (Ethan Hawke), Best Film Supporting Actress (Patricia Arquette), Best Director (Richard Linklater), and Best Screenplay.

Gone Girl” and “The Imitation Game” will pick up four nominations apiece; both films will be up for Best Drama Film and Best Screenplay. “Gone Girl” will earn additional bids for Director (David Fincher) and Drama Actress (Rosamund Pike), while “Imitation” will contend for Drama Actor (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Film Supporting Actress (Keira Knightley). Both films are also strong possibilities for Best Score.

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Foxcatcher” will also contend four times: Best Drama Actor (Steve Carell), Best Film Supporting Actor (Mark Ruffalo), Best Director (Bennett Miller), and Best Screenplay. But our predictors don’t expect it to earn a bid for Best Drama Film.

Into the Woods” will be nominated three times: for Best Musical/Comedy Film, Best Musical/Comedy Actress (Emily Blunt), and Best Film Supporting Actress (Meryl Streep).

Predicted in two categories apiece are “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Inherent Vice,” “Selma,” “St. Vincent,” “The Theory of Everything,” “Unbroken,” and “Wild.”

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