Forum posters rant and rave about Golden Globes nominations: ‘Shocked,’ ‘upset,’ and ‘excited’

The Golden Globes nominations sparked strong responses in our forums — everything from “wow, they actually got it right this year” to “ho-hum” to “What were they thinking.”

As with the SAG Awards, the film nominees who elicited the most passionate reactions were the suddenly-surging Jennifer Aniston (“Cake“) and Jake Gyllenhaal (“Nightcrawler“). And over on the TV side, the snubbing of three-time Globes host Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation“) was a hot topic. Read below to find out what our forum posters thought, then click here to join them in discussing the TV nominations and click here to discuss the film nominations.

Golden Globes: Complete list of film and TV nominations


Pieman1994: With a few exceptions, these nominations are really satisfying. I love the showing for “Boyhood,” “Birdman,” and “Gone Girl.” I love that Gyllenhaal got a nomination. I’m happy that Quvenzhane Wallis is getting good notices for “Annie.” More than anything, I have a feeling that this can go anywhere, which is tremendously exciting. 

Atypical: It’ll be tough for Gyllenhaal, yes, but it’s not impossible. We’ll see how “Foxcatcher” continues to perform (or not perform) in the coming weeks. Aniston can very much get that fifth slot if she campaigns hard enough for it.

ETPHonehome: I wish “Whiplash” had gotten a surprise nomination, and really cemented its status as a contender.

anarchy: Shocked at all the “Unbroken” snubs. I thought they would wanna invite Angelina Jolie to their party.


GraysWay: The think I’m most upset by is the lack of nominations for “Begin Again” in Comedy/Musical, then the snubs for Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley.  I loved that movie, and I loved the performances. The fact that Wallis got in over Knightley (and Jolie, for that matter) is annoying, though I fully realized it was a possibility.  

FreemanGriffin: Love all “The Grand Budapest Hotel” love! (: Wes Anderson!!!!! 

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atypical: Poehler’s snub is even more glaring considering she’s co-hosting. Awkward. At least she won last year.

Tony DiMeo: Now I see what Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent“) has to do really get noticed after years of the HFPA ignoring his work on “The Larry Sanders Show” & “Arrested Development”. 

FrozenBarbie: Noooooo…… Bill Murray over Richard Jenkins for “Olive Kitteridge“? Seriously? Why?

PianoMann: I’m very excited to see “The Good Wife” in Drama Series as well as Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming.  I would have prefered to see a different supporting actor recognized, like Matt Czuchry or even Christine Baranski for her strong showing in the second-half of last season, but Cumming has been particularly strong with Alicia’s campaign storyline, so I’m not surprised to see him nominated.

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outsider: The genuine shocker was Julia Roberts, a huge film star, missing out on a Supporting Actress on Television nomination. This is just not something that happens at the Golden Globes .


Golden Globes: Complete list of film and TV nominations

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Forum posters rant and rave about Golden Globes nominations: ‘Shocked,’ ‘upset,’ and ‘excited’

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