Golden Globe nominations (TV): Good (‘Jane the Virgin’), Bad (no Emmy Rossum) & Ugly (Amy Poehler diss)

Our writers and editors love great TV, so we had no shortage of opinions when the Golden Globes announced their nominations in 11 categories on Thursday morning. The Hollywood Foreign Press is notoriously fickle — jumping on the bandwagon for new shows, snubbing old favorites and recent winners — so here’s what we thought of their latest choices.

Shocking Golden Globe (TV) snubs: Benedict Cumberbatch, Amy Poehler, Julia Roberts …

I thought these would happen but still very glad to see Clive Owen, Viola Davis, Matt Bomer, and Colin Hanks make the cut. Allison Tolman was a great surprise, especially as a lead for “Fargo.” – Chris Beachum

It’s always great to see new programs get singled out and both “Silicon Valley” and “Transparent” are especially deserving of their nominations, not to mention Jeffrey Tambor getting nominated for Best Musical/Comedy Actor. – Charles Bright

Silicon Valley,” “Orange is the New Black,” and “Jane the Virgin” cracking the Comedy Series race. Even better, however: Gina Rodriguez (“Jane the Virgin”), Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”), Allison Tolman (“Fargo”), William H. Macy (“Shameless“), and Clive Owen (“The Knick“) scoring nominations. – Ralph Galvan

Never seen “Jane the Virgin” before, but thanks to these Globe nominations it’s first up on my to-do list. Thanks for putting it on my radar, HFPA. – Marcus Dixon

Kudos to the HFPA for having the cojones and the sense to put “True Detective” where it truly belongs: in the Limited Series category. It still ends up with its deserving nominations, and frees up the Best Drama Actor race. I’m also happy to see (surprise, surprise) “The Good Wife” nab three nods, including its annual supporting nod, this time for underrated Alan Cumming who is having a stellar season so far. Go one step further HFPA, and give the show the big trophy! – Rob Licuria

The Hollywood Foreign Press is usually obsessed with established, big-name stars, so it’s nice to see recognition for breakthrough performers like Gina Rodriguez and Allison Tolman. And in the crowded, catch-all supporting categories, the nominations for Matt Bomer, Colin Hanks, Uzo Aduba, and Joanne Froggatt suggests voters were actually watching television and not just checking off the most familiar names. – Daniel Montgomery

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I don’t like seeing America’s top comedy, “The Big Bang Theory,” already being ousted. It never won the top prize with the Globes. – Chris Beachum

Did the Globes really have to nominate Lena Dunham for “Girls” again? They couldn’t have put in Emmy Rossum for “Shameless,” Lisa Kudrow for “The Comeback” or Casey Wilson for “Marry Me“? – Charles Bright

Where is past Globe nominee Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black“)? And how about some love for Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”) finally? And does the HFPA even watch “The Affair“? – Ralph Galvan

You wouldn’t know it from these noms, but TV also has writers, directors and music composers. Why no love for the behind-the-scenes artists of television? Why only celebrate the film artists? Sketchy. – Marcus Dixon

I’m not convinced about “The Affair” yet. I’m not sure it needed three top nominations in such a competitive year. If anything, why not nominate Joshua Jackson, perennially underrated and to me the standout on that show. – Rob Licuria

The Golden Globes like to embrace new shows and think outside the box. Not far enough outside the box, apparently, to recognize two of the year’s best and most creative shows, “Hannibal” and “Rectify.” – Daniel Montgomery

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It happens every year for some TV people, but still shocking to see last year’s winners Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” not even be nominated. – Chris Beachum

I was not a fan of “Olive Kitteridge” on HBO but I will concede that Richard Jenkins was fantastic in it. So to see the miniseries score three nominations (including Bill Murray for only being in the last hour of the program), but not include Jenkins among them is just wrong. I know it was a packed field for Best Movie/Limited Series Actor, but it still doesn’t feel right. It’s even more shocking that Jenkins has never been nominated for a Globe, including for his Oscar nominated role in “The Visitor.” – Charles Bright

Girls” and Lena Dunham nominations. – Ralph Galvan

Ignoring Sarah Paulson for her dual performance on “American Horror Story: Freak Show” should be a crime punishable by Dandy Mott. Not cool. – Marcus Dixon

I’ll trot out my usual, annual complaint – the catch-all, mish-mash supporting categories are ridiculous nonsense. Split these up properly and show some respect to some of the most talented and awards-worthy performances on TV, HFPA! – Rob Licuria

Amy Poehler won Best Musical/Comedy Actress in 2013, and her show, “Parks and Recreation,” was nominated for Best Musical/Comedy Series. This year, both were dropped like a bad habit, even though Poehler will be back hosting the Globes with Tina Fey for the third year in a row. Cold as ice, Globes voters. – Daniel Montgomery


Golden Globes: Complete list of film and TV nominations

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Golden Globe nominations (TV): Good (‘Jane the Virgin’), Bad (no Emmy Rossum) & Ugly (Amy Poehler diss)

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