14 hottest forums posts: Is ‘All About That Bass’ the worst song of 2014?

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What is the worst (most annoying) song of 2014?

24fanatic: “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor. I can’t believe this song is getting Grammy talk of possible recognition. She has one-hit wonder written all over her. The melody… the production… none of it is original… the vocals are whatever… this song is simply a hit because of clever wordplay. Sigh.

circa 1993: “All of Me” is the epitome of overrated. I can’t stand John Legend and his boring piano ballads.

smurty11: Katy Perry: “This is How We Do.” I hate when artists talk down to their audience. Her team has this delusion that peoplle care less about substance and more about the gimmicks

Neil Patrick Harris to host the Oscars

oopschoice: Neil Patrick Harris is a great host. It’s only a matter of time before he hosts the Oscar. But I feel like I just watched him hosting the Emmy this past August, even though he did last year, not to mention how many times he hosted the Tonys. He is still everywhere.

ETPhoneHome: Oh, I’m just thrilled by this announcement! He was and is my first choice to host, and I’m glad they went with him. If he brings half the energy of his hosting gigs at the Tonys, and all the comedy of his times hosting the Emmys, then we will get a terrific show. So excited.

outsider: I’m disappointed but I should have kept in mind that Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are returning as producers. Their decisions haven’t been very good and they have turned the telecast into a mess. Maybe it was inevitable that he would host the Oscars but at some point, enough is enough. It feels like he’s been hosting everything.

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“AHS: Freak Show” episode “Massacres and Matinees”

thesmartone: I liked this episode a lot better than the premiere. It seems, too, that the actors (Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange) have their accents down, instead of it going in and out like in the premiere. I feel Evan Peters is extremely Emmy-worthy so far, and I can’t wait to see what else happens with his character. That drunk scene in tonights episode was very well-acted. I also have to praise the directing of this episode, which I found simply fantastic!

Atypical: This was a marked step down from the premiere. It was all over the place and lacked focus like some latter-half episodes from “Coven.” I don’t know what I think of Michael Chiklis‘s character yet, but if he’s going to be like this all season (or however long he lasts), yikes. Angela Bassett, on the other hand, I got a kick out of seeing in her hermaphroditic glory lol, but I hope she’s given more to do later on. 

The Fault in Our Stars” deserves major Oscar consideration

FreemanGriffin: I can always tell if I am totally in love with a movie i watch on DVD if I am so immersed I don’t fidget, get up for a bathroom or food break, answer the telephone… I was so completely enthralled and entertained by the underrated “The Fault in Our Stars” when I watched it last night. I haven’t seen everything yet but I do believe that Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort should be in the mix of potential Oscar nominees for their phenomenal performances.

Tyler the Awesome Guy: I finally did see it the other night, and I thought it was wonderful. Ansel and Shailene most definitely deserve nominations, but I doubt that they’ll get it.

Leonardo: Woodley will most likely benefit from being a GG nominee, if she appears in the SAG shortlist then she’s in for the Oscars… as of now I think she makes it in.

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Jessica Chastain at this year’s Oscars

Emmys2011: Wait for Jessica Chastain to come out and surprise everyone, completely shaking all your predictions where she is increasingly left out of! Wohoo, so excited for that moment. Ok, I´m not sure I even belive that, but it breaks my heart that even with 3 lead performances, nobody is talking about her anymore.

Laactingnyc: I have faith in chastain. I think the industry LOVES her and will certainly give her recognition at the oscars.

“Top Chef: Boston” premiere episode

vinny: So I sorta felt bad for George and then he got on my nerves so I am glad he got eliminated. Michael was a disappointment because he had a fun culinary POV. Katsuji needs to go. How he managed to get all those ingredients into that was beyond me. Everything but the kitchen sink.

Atypical: Nice start to the season! Love some of the changes made so far, like the “Sudden Death” quickfires (very intense), critiques during the challenges (something they honestly should have done sooner instead of waiting until judging), and having the entire group around for eliminations (which may or may not last). Not sure I’m all that taken yet with this year’s contestants.

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