10 biggest snubs in Grammys nominations: ‘Let It Go,’ Lady Gaga …

The tune “Let It Go” and the film “Frozen” may have been loved by the Oscars but Grammy voters denied them any nominations in the prestigious General Field categories. (See the complete list of nominations here and read a recap of the roster here.)

Our forum posters have exploded with outrage over who was denied a chance to contend for these kudos which will be handed out on Feb. 8. Below, just a sampling of their thoughts. 

Which artists, albums and songs that went MIA this year have you most riled? Have your say here

Grammy Awards: Complete list of nominations

JustGuy89: “Let It Go” should have definitely been nominated instead of “All About The Bass.” 

AmyJen64: Shocked that “Stay The Night” didn’t make the cut.

Leonardo: So upset about Maroon 5‘s masterful album “V” not getting any love, so unfair!

mikeboy898: “Summer” by Calvin Harris

Bozworth121: Where was Bruce Springsteen‘s name on the long list? Nowhere – ridiculous. 

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Kinsman: Lady Gaga gets nominated for that album with Tony Bennett but nothing for “Artpop“!!

ultraviolence91Lana snubbed. Expected, but very disappointing.

QueenBee4Ever: No Record or Song nom for “Drunk in Love

DanielKennedy: Truly tragic that FKA got snubbed even in Alt Album.

KaRol: no Pharrell Williams in Producer Of the Year!

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