16 hottest forums posts: Should Ellen DeGeneres, Kathy Griffin or Stephen Colbert host the Grammy Awards?

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Who should host the 57th Grammy Awards?

RichardAniston: Assuming they don’t get LL Cool J to host again, who would you want to see host the show? Personally, I wouldn’t mind see Ellen DeGeneres host. She hasn’t hosted since 1997 and she was great at the Oscars this year. And she has a funny bone unlike the past host.

CharlesBright: How about no host? Considering the Grammys already try to do too much at once with all these performances they put on, maybe it would be nice to forgo however much time a host would take up with adding another award or two to the list of on-air presentations.

Boidiva02: I’d like to see somebody that can be both funny and commanding to an audience but that also has a connection to the music industry. My pick would be somebody like Adam Levine, or maybe a legend like Cher or Bette Midler. Or maybe Cher paired with Adam Levine?

vinny: It’s probably LL Cool J again but my pick would be Kathy Griffin.

KyleBailey: I think they should have a host but one that is engaging. LL Cool J is just so bland and boring as a host. At least someone to do a monolouge and to give some good introductions. It’s really odd how last year people like Steve Coogan and Julia Roberts did introductions I think a Kathy Griffin or even Grammy winner and future CBS host Stephen Colbert.

Final2: I hate Kathy Griffin. I don’t mind LL but the Grammys really don’t need a host.


The Walking Dead’ episode ‘Self-Help’

mikeboy898: Pretty solid episode with a big twist that wasn’t all too surprising. I think we all could predict that Eugene wasn’t who he said he was this whole time. But I’m pretty surprised that they revealed this truth this early on, and not once the group arrived in DC. Which also goes to show that Season 5 is really not about the slow-burning narrative structures from seasons past (eg. Terminus ended after episode 1; Gareth and company were killed in Ep. 3)…keep it plugging along! Good work, writers.

Pieman1994: This season has been really, really good, especially for a show as notoriously inconsistent as The Walking Dead. Last episode was no different. Another great episode.

Denis: Well, this ain’t no “Southland” for Michael Cudlitz, but he managed to keep his game at the highest level with what was written for him. I liked the actor playing Eugene too, very good episode.

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Oscar predictions flashback: 2 years ago today

Macbeth: I remember early on, we were all calling The Master to win Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay. We also mixed up the two leads, picking Philip Seymour Hoffman to win Best Actor again, and Joaquin Phoenix to win Best Supporting Actor. It was so divisive, it only ended up with three acting nominations (the first time a film has gotten three acting nominations and absolutely no other nominations since 1981 with Only When I Laugh).

KyleBailey: I had no idea Argo would be the sweep until the Globes. I swore it would be either Zero Dark Thirty or Les Miserables.

ETPhoneHome: This was the first race I predicted on a Goldderby, because I was watching it throughout the season and eventually joined the site so I could log predictions. I know I predicted all the BPs except Amour, and I though Zero Dark Thirty would actually win. I did have all the eventual winners in the big six categories, as nominees but I only had Daniel Day-Lewis winning. I did switch over to Anne Hathaway after seeing Les Mis, but I was foolishly reluctant to accept the consensus before that.

bondzzz: I was actually predicting Lincoln to sweep quite a bit. That was before the Ben Affleck snub and I think that somehow changed the race.

‘Homeland’ episode ‘Redux’

Denis: WoW, that was mind blowing, what a performance from Claire Danes.

AviChristiaans: Best Actress on Television right there. Claire Danes just raises the bar each season. And can we please give it up for Emmy nominated Director Carl Franklin (House Of Cards) for a superb job on tonight’s episode. The camera work and shots were amazing. Directors Guilt nomination is coming up for him.

JakobLiamKristensen: Yep this should definitely be Danes’ tape. I thought it would be quite difficult for Danes to win again because it’s reasonable to assume the voters have grown jaded to Carrie’s constant hysteria. This episode at the very least provides a very clear context for her behavior and will less likely turn off the voters.

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