15 hottest forums posts: Will Sam Smith be the biggest winner at the Grammy Awards?

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Will Sam Smith be the biggest Grammy winner?

Music Forever: I’m predicting Sam Smith to be the big winner on Grammy night. Yes I’m predicting him to win Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Pop Solo and Pop Vocal Album. That’s FIVE wins in one night. I don’t see any other artist competing with that number. Am I wrong ?

Scream: He’s going to win New Artist. “Let It Go” wins Song. “Dark Horse” wins Record. Beyonce wins Album. If the world is fair.

Final2: Imo he’s only winning New Artist. Stay With Me wasn’t really a stand out this year it came and went. When’s the last time a slow song won Record? Also I have Chandelier winning Song.

james14: Currently have Sam Smith winning SOTY, BNA, and Pop Solo, although I think he’s a definite spoiler in ROTY and Pop Album. Outside of him, Beyonce could win a few awards (potentially AOTY, Urban Cont Album, R&B Performance, R&B Song, and can’t be ruled out as a ROTY / SOTY contender), and there’s always a 3-4 win threat from the genre categories if someone sweeps. The most likely genre sweeps this year are probably Miranda Lambert, U2, or Eminem.  All three of these artists could potentially make a run for four awards (if Lambert goes for SOTY, U2 and Eminem for AOTY), but I bet all three are relegated to winning genre awards only.

m.A.A.d: Um, no. “Stay With Me” spent over 20 weeks in the top 10, is still top 10 on streaming and has had a ton of notable covers. It didn’t “come and go.” “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum won ROTY in 2011.

Foxcatcher’ reviews and reactions

benbraddock: I sat through FOXCATCHER  today with my heart beating in my chest so hard that it made me uncomfortable in an exciting way…I love when films lead you somewhere and dont hit you over the head with the message. Foxcatcher is seething..it simmers on the edge until the finale which you know is coming…The script is sparse but sharp…The direction is brilliant by allowing the audience to just listen and stare in amazement as it unfolds. Steve Carell is mesmerizing, a complete transformation not only with makeup but with a vocal style and body language that blends so that the character comes across as completely insane and scary.

hanzz: The lead trio is brilliant and I wouldn’t be against acting nominations for all three, but this film is soooo slooowww. I’m all for films that use pacing to build suspense and whatnot, but the pacing was just so terribly off for what was ultimately a climax that wasn’t really able to cash the check the first 2 hours of movie wrote. Shave off about 30-45 minutes and this could have been a nice, tight thriller. I attended both of the Academy screenings on Saturday (this and Imitation Game) and I felt the response was a bit more tepid for this one (IG was very well received).

Carol-Channing: Just saw this one. It’s… not that great. There are some very good moments, and the performances are good (if not a little one-note), but it just wasn’t… that great. Channing Tatum is the MVP of the film. His performance is very good. Mark Ruffalo also does a nice job, but he’s done much better work in his career. Steve Carell is good and effective, but not so impressive that he should be considered a frontrunner. His character is just too one-note. As far as supporting cast goes, there is virtually none. Vanessa Redgrave has one scene in which she speaks.

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‘The Good Wife’ episode ‘Sticky Content’

Atypical: This was so good tonight on The Good Wife! I didn’t want it to end. The Kings always bring it when they pen an episode together. The scene of the night was the car ride with Alicia and Peter. “Shut your mouth, close your pants, and stop banging the help!” LOVE IT!

rrussaw: Yes, very good show tonight. I can’t wait to see what will happen with Cary (suspenseful tonight when in the presence of Bishop’s home) as well as Kalinda. The storyline with Alicia and Peter took another interesting turn tonight as well. Good episode.

zordon: Yeah I’m close to done with the Cary storyline, or maybe it was just boring in this episode. I remember when the season started I was sure it wouldn’t be resolved quickly, but at some point it needs to stop and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. Unless they’re giving us a cliffhanger for the Christmas break. For me, the only good moment was the elevator/office scene when Cary stepped out and Bishop was there. Pretty tense, nicely done.

Bebe: I thought this episode was fantastic, but I’m in agreement with you; I’m not feeling the Cary storyline. And I think my issue, so far, stems from Alicia’s lack of involvement or interest in it. I can’t remember where I read it, but someone wrote about how Alicia feels so distant from what’s happening with Cary, that it was hard to feel emotionally invested in what happens to him, because the main character is too busy elsewhere. Obviously, Alicia is busy with campaigning, but she hasn’t been super involved in what’s going on at the firm.

Are Oscar pundits underestimating Bradley Cooper again?

nkb325: Maybe. But the last two movies he got nominated for also both way over performed, getting into categories that were considered even longer shots than Bradley Cooper was. Both times the movies kinda seemed to carry him in, and American Sniper doesn’t seem to have the reviews to do that.

RobertPius: I disagree that he was “carried in” to the nomination for Silver Linings Playbook. He was quite good and it was kind of a weak year. He was the only really other strong candidate next to Daniel Day-Lewis. American Hustle you could argue he got swept into a nomination but for SLP he was a strong choice.

ETPhoneHome: I am starting to think that Best Actor is less locked up than people are saying. Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton are certainly frontrunners, but with so much depth in this field, it seems like the kind of category where a huge surprise can happen. I honestly expect precursors being thrown around all over the place, but Redmayne could start to sweep, and if he does, then he’ll finish it off on Oscar night. The people who fall in around him will all be worthy, and Bradley Cooper could certainly be there if the performance is up to par with the contenders.

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