‘The Amazing Race’ contest: See how you scored predicting Episode Five

As you predicted Margie and Luke were eliminated in this week’s fifth episode of the “The Amazing Race.” The mother-and-son team made the fateful decision to go stand-by for the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo that the first six teams were on rather than risk a short connection time in Singapore.

Brendon and Rachel, who were in last place and facing a Speed Bump, took that chance and came out ahead. Despite Brendon’s difficulties at the Detour with the dancing and the Road Block with the sewing, they still finished ahead of Margie and Luke who were resolute in defeat. 

Father-and-son cancer survivors Dave and Connor won the leg (and five grand each) while country singers Jennifer and Caroline had their best showing ever with a second place finish. Leo and Jamal, who you had finishing first, came in fourth while last week’s top racers Cord and Jet came in third. 

Congratulations to our User noe who scored an impressive 2380 points with their predictions. Savvy placement of the bonus 100 points gave him the edge over Bogie Miller. 

However, jonny — who scored only 377 points this week — remains out in front of all other competitors with 4441 points. See the full leaderboard here

If he winds up with the most points at the end of the season, he will win a chance to chat with host Phil Keoghan and a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Can you put an end to his race?

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