Roe DiLeo has 9/2 odds of flaming out of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ next: Have YOU voted?

Is “Hells Kitchen” contestant Roe DiLeo about to be cussed out by Chef Gordon Ramsay for the last time?

According to our exclusive predictions, this Dallas, TX head chef has leading 9/2 odds of being eliminated on Wednesday’s “11 Chefs Compete” episode. After several weeks off due to Fox’s coverage of the MLB playoffs, Roe’s potential elimination has been a long time coming.

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Disagree with those odds? Then click here or scroll down to make your own predictions using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Your input will influence the overall standings here at Gold Derby and could save Roe from the dreaded #1 spot on our elimination chart. You have until 4 p.m. PT on Wednesday to cast your votes in this week’s contest.

Visit the “Hell’s Kitchen” prediction center where you can forecast everything from who Chef Ramsay will send home next to which team will win the reward and main service challenges. Get our weekly questions right and you could find yourself on our Season 13 leaderboard.

Our current contest leaders are: Ryan Lapierre with 15,666 points, MarcusJamesDixon with 14,700 points, Denton with 10,560 points, TopChefFan with 4,950 points and WiltedYouth with 3,839 points.

Is your name listed among our Top 10? If not, click on the leaderboard to the right to jump to our Predictions page where you can start making your own forecasts in our weekly “Hell’s Kitchen” contest. It’s fun and easy! The ultimate winner will earn a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

If Roe is lucky enough to survive this week’s episode, our readers give Aaron Lhamon the next-best odds (11/2) of being eliminated. And Sade Dancy has 6/1 odds of going home next, good for third place on our elimination chart. Click here to see the complete standings for all of the remaining aspiring chefs.

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To vote for who think will win, drag contestants over from the left to the right and arrange them in your predicted order of finishing. For example, if you think La Tasha Mccutchen will win Season 13, make sure you put her in first place. You can continue to update and change your predictions throughout the week, just click “Save Predictions” when you’ve settled on your choice.

Every time someone logs their predictions, the racetrack odds of the contestants are automatically updated. If the majority of users think La Tasha will win, that means she’ll have the best odds and will go to the front of the pack. Conversely, the aspiring chefs who don’t receive many votes of confidence have the worst odds and will go to the bottom of the pile.

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The standard bet for each question is 100 points, which are wagered against the odds you locked in when you saved your predictions. However, for each TV episode you are given one special 200 point bet that you can use strategically to gain more points.

Here’s how racetrack odds work. If you bet 100 on something that has 50/1 odds and you end up being correct, you will receive 50 x 100 points, which equals 5,000 points. You’ll also get your original 100 points back, for a total of 5,100 points.

Get started by making your prediction as to which of the remaining players will end up as the winner of “Hell’s Kitchen” using our easy drag-and-drop menu below.

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