Our ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ contest champ reveals how La Tasha Mccutchen won Season 13

“I knew La Tasha Mccutchen would win ‘Hells Kitchen‘ ever since I first laid eyes on her. She had a vibrant personality and a winning attitude since Day 1,” admits Gold Derby’s contest champ Ryan Lapierre. This user beat all others while predicting “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13, earning the top user position on our leaderboard thanks to his accuracy and score. See all of Lapierre’s predictions here.

Also in our chat, this young movie theater worker from Massachusetts adds that La Tasha was “the most consistent, [having] never been on the chopping block.” Below, read the entire Q&A with our “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 contest champ.

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You were officially predicting La Tasha, but did you ever waver and think that maybe Bryant Gallaher would win?

Bryant was strong at first and I thought he had a chance. But ever since the Top 9 where he freaked out for no reason, I knew that he wasn’t ready for the opportunity to work for Chef Gordon Ramsay and I knew he wasn’t winning. And the way Fox edited him, he really seemed arrogant and cocky.

How does La Tasha compare to other past champs?

La Tasha is a great winner to have and I would say she’s right up there with the big leagues. And I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but we haven’t had the strongest of winners so I think La Tasha is pretty high up there.

How did Season 13 compare to recent seasons?

I enjoyed Season 13, but it was far from the best. I liked last season a lot and I like the earlier seasons the best.

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Who was your favorite contestant of the year?

La Tasha definitely. Most of the cast was unlikable and La Tasha stood out. But Sterling Wright was entertaining and funny to watch. And I’ll admit I was a bit sad when he left.

Were there any contestants that you just couldn’t stand?

Bryant was one of them. But the person that I couldn’t stand was Frank Bilotti. He was the worst cook in the whole competition and he sucked up to Ramsay whenever he had a chance. Ramsay was right to send him home on the spot.

Do you have a favorite reward challenge from this season?

Even though it happens every season I love the palate test. And this one was the best. First off, it’s always great to see people taste food blindfolded but adding in the dunk tank was a very smart move and made the challenge a whole lot of fun.

Thanks Ryan!

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