‘Hell’s Kitchen’ contest: Win prizes by predicting winners (and losers)

Chef Gordon Ramsay is back for another season of cooking and cussing on Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” and this time YOU can win a $100 Amazon gift card by answering our weekly questions. 

To try your luck against the other aspiring chefs here at Gold Derby, simply log in to your predictions, click on the “Hell’s Kitchen: Season 12” button and start voting.

The questions you’ll have to answer each week are:

Who will win “Hell’s Kitchen”?

Who will Chef Ramsay eliminate in this episode?

Which team will win the reward challenge?

Which team will win the main service challenge?

In past seasons, Chef Ramsay has been rather loose with the show’s rules, either by not eliminating someone until the following episode’s opening minutes or by declaring that no team is the challenge winner. We’ve tried to account for that by giving possible answers like “Nobody will be eliminated in this episode” or “Both teams will lose.”

We hope Chef Ramsay doesn’t throw you too many curve balls, but if Season 12 is like past years of the show, we’re going to be in for a crazy @#*&ing ride.

In Episode Two — which airs Thursday, March 20 — Chef Ramsay tests the remaining 19 contestants’ ability to work as a team by setting up a tricycle relay race during which both teams must work in pairs to accomplish basic culinary tasks. The winning team earns a trip to San Francisco, while the losing team goes carrot picking at a farm. Later, both teams fail to impress Chef Ramsay during another disappointing dinner service.

Sound like easy money? Then what are you waiting for? Start predicting Episode Two now in order to win bragging rights and the $100 prize!

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