‘Hell’s Kitchen’ preview: Fired-up Chef Ramsay yells at Santos and Steve to ‘Get a grip!’

“You’ve f***ing given up, and you’re just lost. Get a grip!” Chef Gordon Ramsay yells at two of his aspiring chefs — Brian Santos and Steve Rosenthal — in this week’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Talk about a hostile work environment.

Based on this week’s preview scene for “13 Chefs Compete” (which you can watch below), it looks like both of these knuckleheads may not be long for Season 13.

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Chef Ramsay may not be a fan of Santos and Steve, but what about YOU? Let’s examine the winning and losing odds of these contestants according to the predictions made by Gold Derby’s users in our ongoing “Hell’s Kitchen” prediction contest.

Who will win ‘Hell’s Kitchen’?

Of the 13 remaining aspiring chefs, Santos and Steve are actually tied for first place to win with 7/1 odds, suggesting our forecasters are not in line with Chef Ramsay’s view of them. Two other contestants are also tied with Santos and Steve for that first-place position with the same 7/1 odds (Jennifer Salhoff and Frank Bilotti), making it a true four-person tie for the lead. Click here to see more winning odds.

Who will Chef Ramsay eliminate in this episode?

There’s another tie for first place when we look at the overall predictions for who’ll be going home next, with Roe DiLeo and Katie McKeown both at 4/1 odds. As for Steve, he’s in 10th place to be eliminated with 28/1 odds, while Santos is in 13th place to be eliminated with 28/1 odds. Click here to see more elimination odds.

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Disagree with any of those predictions? Then be sure to cast your own votes for who’ll win by using our easy drag-and-drop menu below. You can also predict who Chef Ramsay will eliminate next and so much more by logging into your predictions and clicking on the “Hell’s Kitchen: Season 13” button.

Whoever scores the most game points at the end of the season will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. For prediction tips and advice, be sure to join the “Hell’s Kitchen” discussion in our Gold Derby reality TV forum.

“13 Chefs Compete” airs Wednesday night on Fox. Watch the preview scene below.

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