‘Hell’s Kitchen’ preview: Chef Ramsay fed up with Steve’s ‘s— talk’ and slow cooking

“You’re so slow! Where’s the fire in your belly?” Chef Gordon Ramsay yells at aspiring chef Steve Rosenthal in this week’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” “You’re not into it, are you? You’re not into getting fast, are you? We’ll go on Steve’s time then, yeah? Anytime, Mr. S— Talk.”

Based on this week’s preview scene for “12 Chefs Compete” (which you can watch below), it looks like Steve is once again going to be in Chef Ramsay’s hot seat. Chef Ramsay may not be a fan of Steve, but what about YOU?

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To help you get started, let’s take a closer look at the odds generated by the predictions of those already taking part in our contest. 

Who will win ‘Hell’s Kitchen’?
Of the 12 remaining aspiring chefs, we have Steve in fifth place to win with 10/1 odds. The clear frontrunner is Jennifer Salhoff in first place (11/2 odds to win), followed by Frank Bilotti in second place (6/1 odds to win), and Brian Santos and Ashley Sherman tied for third place (17/2 odds each). Click here to see more odds.

Who will Chef Ramsay eliminate in this episode?
Steve is in fourth place to be eliminated according to your 15/2 odds. The person most likely to be eliminated is Sade Dancy with 4/1 odds, followed by Aaron Lhamon in second place with 9/2 odds and then Sterling Wright in third place with 13/2 odds.. Click here to see more elimination odds.

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What do you think? Cast your vote for who’ll win by using our easy drag-and-drop menu below. Predict who Chef Ramsay will eliminate next and much more by logging into your predictions and clicking on the “Hell’s Kitchen: Season 13” button.

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“12 Chefs Compete” airs Wednesday night on Fox. Watch the preview scene below.

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