‘Hell’s Kitchen’ contest frontrunner on Season 13: Lack of ‘explosively angry’ chefs

As Season 13 of “Hell’s Kitchen” continues heating up Fox’s TV schedule every Wednesday, Gold Derby sat down with one of our contest frontrunners, ETPhoneHome (real name Eric Tisch), to chat about what he thinks of this season and how he correctly foresaw the shocking elimination of Kalen Morgensternf during “14 Chefs Compete” week.

First up, a little about Tisch. He’s a 19-year-old film student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and says that he’s been watching “Hell’s Kitchen” since 2010. Besides this show, he also makes predictions in our “Dancing With the Stars” contest every week. Below, our Q&A with Tisch.

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First off, how did you know Kalen would be eliminated?

I predicted Kalen’s elimination because the preview for this week seemed to suggest that the Red Team would lose, and she was by far the weakest link on the team. She also wasn’t especially popular with her teammates and that is not a good sign.

Who do you predict is going home next week?

I think that the eliminated contestant is going to definitely be from the Red Team. It looks like both teams are going down, and Ramsay ended the preview by saying “I’m not done yet”. I don’t think he is really going to eliminate two contestants, which suggests someone is moving teams. The Red team is at 6, so if they lose one, it would be 7 to 5, which means a blue contestant is going over (I’m thinking Sterling). The preview suggests that Katie will be nominated, but I think Jennifer is going home. Like I said before, she seems to be bringing down her team.

What do you think of the current Season 13?

Season 13 has been really interesting so far, because the teams are actually fairly evenly matched. Also, the contestants haven’t really been explosively angry. I’m fine with that every once in a while, but it can get excessive.

Who from this season do you LOVE and HATE?

Sterling is my favourite contestant so far. He has a great energy and doesn’t seem to care if everyone else seems to be annoyed by it. I hope he actually stays around for a while. I’m really not a big fan of Jennifer, who just seems rude and abrasive. Thankfully, I don’t think she’ll be around much longer either, because she just doesn’t seem to help her team.

Do you have a favorite FORMER contestant?

My favourite former contestant is Rochelle Bergman from last season, who seemed really nice and overall very professional.

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Tisch is currently in fifth place on our “Hell’s Kitchen” leaderboard. Leading the pack after “14 Chefs Compete” week is MarcusJamesDixon (me), with Denton in second place, Ryan Lapierre in third and TopChefFan in fourth.

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