Oscar fave Hilary Swank: ‘The Homesman’ reveals Tommy Lee Jones as a secret feminist

“I love the fact that [‘The Homesman‘] is something that people are saying they haven’t seen before,” Hilary Swank tells Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil in their video chat below. “Because it’s true. We’ve seen this perspective in a man’s shoes many times, but not a woman’s.”

In “The Homesman,” Swank portrays a single, strong-willed homesteader on a mission to rescue three women who’ve gone mad from pioneer life.

“Even though this movie takes place in the mid-1800s, it transcends time and deals with issues that we’re dealing with now in 2014, like the objectification of women, the trivialization of women,” she adds. “Even though it’s set in a period, it’s timeless.” She praises director/costar Tommy Lee Jones for taking on this project of a “feminist movie” and bucking the stereotypes of being a “intense,” tough-guy actor.

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Since Swank is a double Oscar winner already (“Boys Don’t Cry,” “Million Dollar Baby”), the inevitable question comes up again about whether this role will secure Swank Oscar #3 for Best Actress. (See Gold Derby’s official Oscar rankings and racetrack odds.)

“People talking it just makes people go to the movie,” Swank notes. “And I love that. You know, I want people to see something that I feel we gave birth to and that we believe in so strongly.”

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