Travis Fimmel: Why fans forgive us for ‘heinous’ acts on ‘Vikings’ (exclusive video)

Travis Fimmel deserves an Emmy nomination,” insists the Boston Globe. He certainly gives a passionate and physically ferocious performance as Rangar, the fearless king on “Vikings.” What fuels his dynamic role?

“Rangar is driven by adventure and curiosity to explore and conquer new lands,” Fimmel says in our webcam chat, “but he’s doing this to provide for our society. The landscape is very scarce in Scandinavia. The population is high. We actually need to go and raid places in order to survive, to feed our people.”

An astounding thing about the History Channel TV series is that it makes “Vikings” characters so personal, and often sympathetic, that viewers root for them even as the barbarians go sacking and looting foreign lands.

“We do a lot of heinous things,” Fimmel admits. “Our writer Michael Hirst has done a great job making people want to follow the show.”

Check out our webcam chat below. Best part: he tells us about a drinking game he played with costar Clive Standen, who plays Ragnar’s brother Rollo. While watching one episode, they took shots every time the same stunt guy got killed. How many shots do you think they downed?

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