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FrozenBarbie: Yikes. Will have to think about it more, but for now, this is my least favorite episode of the whole season. Of all the ways to end it, they did this? Waaay too much time on Carrie’s family. All those closeups on Claire Danes‘ face was annoying, too. Well, one of my predictions came true, so there’s that, I guess. Pretty disappointed with the finale.

Djoko: I loved it. I thought it was a perfect way to end this amazing season and set up the next season. Homeland has definitely soared back to the top.

24Emmy: That was a rather weird finale. It’s clearly universally hated online. Some calling it a Lifetime movie. I didn’t need lots of action, but some would’ve been nice. I did like the introduction of Victoria Clark, but maybe Carrie’s road trip stuff could’ve waited for season 5.

Icky: I get what the writers were trying to do. I know we gave you a lot of action this season, but look, we can still do character drama too. This show can still have depth. No, just no. Ultimately, Homeland is a spy thriller show, and you don’t close the season of a spy thriller with a quiet episode focused on family drama, especially when there was still so much plot to play with. We’ve not even heard of Carrie’s mother. Now, we’re suddenly supposed to be invested in her return. While I enjoyed Carrie and her father’s relationship, because of James Rebhorn‘s death we haven’t seen him in a year. So, I didn’t get much out of his character’s death. And I’m hardly invested in the Carrie-Quinn romance.

Atypical: I thought this was a fine finale and a fitting end to a great season. The shift in tone here worked for me, and seeing the ladies (Meredith Steihm and Lesli Linka Glatter) tackle this kind of more introspective content was a nice change-of-pace from the wall to wall action episode that this could have been and was expected to be. All I really wanted here was answers to what was going on with Dar Adal in the end of last episode. No deep cover, but more the morally compromised, traitorish Dar Adal who we all know and love (which F. Murray Abraham plays beautifully and should be acknowledged for). I hope the Emmys notice the overall creative resurgence this season and rewards that justly next year. Onto season 5!

probablyROB: My lord was writing in this episode awkward and hamfisted.  I was never as high as others on this season before this episode but that was almost insulting to my intelligence.  Mom was a whore and it wasn’t Dad’s crazy that drove her away … well, let me completely shift my personal view of love and relationships based on that one anecdote… forget that her entire “I’m crazy, it won’t work thing” is completely new and out of left field.  This was bad enough that I may not even watch next season.

Oscar race for Best Supporting Actor – Click Here to Discuss

Emmys2011: I´ll bet anything that Robert Duvall is the one that gets nominated for the precursors and then shut out come Oscar time. I literally just don´t see it. Who´s with me!

nkb325: I guess I could be wrong but yeah I see him as the veteran performer that gets in everywhere because he SEEMS like he should be a contender on paper so all the awards that just try to predict the oscars nominate him, but then the acadmey goes their own way. Someone like Nicole Kidman in the Paperboy, James Gandolfini in Enough Said, Leonardo DiCaprio in J Edgar, etc. The supporting categories are usually where the one major precursorless nomination happens, so I’m expecting it to be someone in for Duvall. This is where i have my no guts no glory prediction of Chris Pine. Let’s see if it pans out.

outsider: I actually think Robert Duvall will get nominated. The 5th spot is wide open and I don’t see many strong contenders, certainly not Chris Pine and Josh Brolin. Duvall would get many #1 votes, especially from older performers that belong to his generation and hold him in high regard. Yes, “The Judge” wasn’t a critical or commercial success and this would be the only nomination for the movie, but that would not be unprecedented or unusual. It would be reminiscent of Stanley Tucci for “The Lovely Bones” or…well, Robert Duvall in “A Civil Action”.

ibbster: This category is definitely due for a mega spoiler. Who is even watching The Judge? But then again the alternatives are so weak. I’d have more faith in Josh Brolin getting in there if I didn’t think voters are probably turning off their Inherent Vice screeners midway. And people who have seen and liked Selma don’t even seem to be mentioning Tom Wilkinson. I think what I’m looking for is to see if Riz Ahmed makes it into BAFTA for Nightcrawler.

Oscars announce Best Original Song eligible candidates
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Zayner: I’m not a big fan of the song “Glory.” I don’t know why it’s predicted to win the Globe. I guess it’s because the film it’s for is nominated for Best Drama. The song is just filled with cliches and the rap portion is awful.

KyleBailey: The music branch always goes their own way. None of The Hunger Games songs have ever made it in so I don’t think Yellow Flicker Beat is making the cut when “Safe and Sound” couldn’t get in over some lower key movies like Life of Pi, Ted, and Chasing Ice in 2012. 

Manuelcolon: I think Lana Del Rey has a bigger chance, The Oscars are not the Grammys, they don’t reward you with a nom if you got snubbed last time, but this could work this time after the criminal snub of Y&B (Yes, that still hurts). I’m not saying she’s in, just that given there is no frontrunner and nobody know what is going to be nominated she could be in, who knows.

AviChristiaans: The Golden Globes are the worst predictor when it comes to the Oscar for Best Original Song nominations. Since the year 2000, only 34% (or 24 out of 70) of the songs the Globes nominated, made it to the Oscar line-up for Best Original Song. So yah…..history tells us at least 3-4 songs in this years Golden Globe line-up will not be nominated by the Oscars.

ibbster: I didn’t realize there was an A.R. Rahman song eligible for “The Hundred-Foot Journey.” They do quite respect him in the music branch.

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