Ultimate Emmy slugfest: Did homophobia bash ‘Normal Heart’ and Matt Bomer?

War is raging across Gold Derby over whether homophobia robbed “The Normal Heart,” Matt Bomer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and others of deserved Emmy wins. I say that the answer is obviously  “yes!” and I fume about it in my article “Why the Emmys bitch-slapped ‘The Normal Heart.'” 

That piece builds upon the arguments laid out by Wayman Wong in his own article — “Did homophobia crush ‘The Normal Heart’ at the Emmys?” 

However, legions of our users disagree in the forums where the clash gets nasty. 

But nobody has gotten more furious than I did when I watched three Gold Derby editors (Rob Licuria, Matt Noble and Ralph Galvan) voice their opinions on this controversy in their post-Emmys “smashfest” video. I was so outraged by their cavalier comments that I transcribed everything they said and vowed to hang them publicly with their own words in a new video slugfest if they dared to take me on. Warily, they agreed. Tune in below to see the fireworks. Or listen to the podcast version.

Granted, I take this all rather personally because I am a survivor of the AIDS plague dramatized so powerfully in “The Normal Heart” — and I lost a precious lover to it. Rarely do I discuss my own horror story publicly, but this controversy caused me to tell that tale in two posts you can read (with pictures!) on this page of the forum thread. It might give you context for part of the fiery emotions around here. 

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