Which ‘House of Cards’ episode will win Kevin Spacey the Emmy?

Two-time Oscar champ and Tony winner Kevin Spacey has lost his five previous Emmy bids. This year, he again contends for acting and producing the drama series “House of Cards.”

Our top forum posters have watched all 13 episodes of the sophomore season of this political thriller and are divided as to which one would finally bring him that Emmy he needs to join the triple crown of acting club.

After reading the analysis of the pros and cons of the their top two picks, vote in our poll and cast your ballot for Best Drama Actor. 

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“Chapter 14” (Episode 1, Season 2)
Synopsis: Having recently been selected as the next Vice President of the United States, Frank Underwood (Spacey) covertly responds to journalists investigating his connection to the death of a congressman by throwing one of them in front of a train.

Standout scene: A hallmark of the show is when Underwood addresses the audience. The premiere does not contain any such aside until the final scene when he slyly asks if we thought that he had forgotten us and launches into a hammy monologue about his Machiavellian climb to power. This scene showcases Spacey’s theatricality. 

Analysis: The self-contained storyline of the train murder made this the entry in most of the creative arts categories and it is just as accessible as a standalone acting submission. However, as the episode concludes the arcs from the first season for characters played by Kate Mara and Sandrine Holt, Spacey has only 22  minutes of screen time.

Forum posters choice: Adri m., Kevin, SxECanadianFanSxE, taloson, thesmartone

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“Chapter 26” (Episode 13, Season 2)
Synopsis: Threatened with impeachment, the president resigns, unbeknownst to the fact that this is the final stage in an elaborate scheme against him by Frank, who is then sworn in to succeed him.

Standout scene: Frank makes a last-ditch effort in the middle of the episode to regain the upper hand. He typewrites a letter that, if released, would implicate himself in the relevant scandal to regain the president’s trust. Spacey narrates the eloquently-worded composition with a deliberate tone that underscores the character’s skill at master manipulation.

Analysis: Being the season finale, this is the culmination of Frank’s journey, which both helps and hurts it as an acting submission. While it encapsulates the season better than other single episode, the gravity of the final shot of Frank assuming the oval office may be lost on new viewers. He has twenty-five minutes of screen time.

Forum posters choice: Duke Silver, ETPhoneHome, Irishmovielover4ever, HouseOfThrones, msnowden1, Psychadelicboy33, rstang00

Which episode sounds like a winner to you? If you think Spacey has a better shot at winning with a different one, let him know in the comments section below. 

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