Amy Schumer (‘Inside Amy Schumer’) on Emmy categories & making out with God (Exclusive Video)

Amy Schumer, star of Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” was “excited” to be nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Comedy Actress this year. “I think we thought we were making this show with subtly feminist undertones, and people just really caught on,” said Schumer during our recent video chat (watch below). “This could have been a show that nobody watched and nobody saw, so that just meant a lot to me.”

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However, Schumer is a bit perplexed about her category at the Emmys, where she’ll compete for Best Comedy Supporting Actress; since the TV academy eliminated the Individual Variety Performance award in 2009, all variety performers must enter as supporting actors, whether they’re featured players on “Saturday Night Live” or the lead stars of their shows like Schumer.

“I would love to be considered for any category, but I just want those people [who have written to me online] to know that I wasn’t being sneaky,” she said. “That’s the kind of thing where when I catch myself really caring about it then I have to remind myself that that is not a bad problem … It does seem like it should be its own category to me, but you will not see me in a picket line.”

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“Inside Amy” will itself contend for Best Variety Series. It’s a blend of sketch comedy, stand-up, man-on-the-street interviews, and in-depth interviews for a segment called “Amy Goes Deep” that has featured a wide range of subjects, from a centenarian, to a flight attendant, to a pornographer. “Honestly, we’ll usually put an ad on Craigslist or something … and then we have a producer interview a couple of porn editors, and then we say, I think this guy is the best and the most honest.”

The comedy sketches are equally wide-ranging, though many share a strong feminist bent, including an all-male focus group that judges Amy by her looks. Schumer has never experienced such a focus group in real life, though she can relate to the experience: “I’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the years, and I’ve gotten really sweet messages about my comedy and what I’m putting out there, but I would say 50% of what I hear every day is somebody stating how they feel about my level of attractiveness.”

The show also brought on a number of special guest stars for its recently concluded second season, including Josh Charles for a popular Aaron Sorkin parody called “The Foodroom,” and Paul Giamatti as God, with whom Amy tries to negotiate after a herpes scare. “He was definitely the dream God. I think his name might have even been in the script,” she explained. “I kind of accosted him in the middle of the street and just asked him to read the scene, and he read it, he thought it was funny, and he asked around and he found out I wasn’t a complete psycho. I still can’t believe he did it … And we made out – that wasn’t in the script.”

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Watch our complete interview with Schumer below, then watch her negotiation with God and predict Best Comedy Supporting Actress at the Emmys.

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