Emmy outrages! Top 21 bitchiest comments from our forums

Our forum posters are going nuts over this year’s batch of Emmy nominations. Here’s a look at some of their reactions to the expected, unexpected and just plain baffling of what was announced this morning. (See the complete list of Emmy nominees here.)

oopschoice: Elisabeth Moss’s snub is kinda surprising, especially when Christina Hendricks still gets in. And to rub salt into the wound, Fred Armisen is nominated for acting.



Gold Derby editors’ reactions to Emmy nominations: OMG, hooray and huh?

Halo_Insider: Damn it! I KNEW I should have kept Jeff Daniels (in my predictions)

Junk: Awkward.. Looked like Kaling would cry right there

OperaJunky: I know this might be bad news, but I watched all of Downton Abbey last season, and Dockery and Frogatt, especially, have really strong and competitive tapes. I think we dismiss them at our peril.

Sasha: Magic Mirror on the wall, who gives the sh***iest nominations of them all? EMMYS!

tylerbeals1: These Yahoo reporters are awful. They keep calling her Tatianna Maslahy and they think that Masters of Sex was nominated for Emmys last year? Can we have people who know what they’re talking about?

Ashkan: Weird. Good Wife gets into Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, but No Drama Series for f**king Downton Abbey! Also, Kaling and Rossum get left out for McCarthy for doing NOTHING! 

NateDoggg: I am so glad that I stuck to my guns with Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight and especially for Kristen Wiig! In drama races, I am really amazed that Elisabeth Moss was the one to miss out for Lizzy Caplan, relieved that Jeff Daniels made it back in, and shocked that both defending guest champions (Preston and Bucatinsky) were left out.

Eli Edwards: New Emmy Rule: Never underestime HBO. #Veepsgonnasweep

bondzzz: Wow! Some amazing snubs and surprises. I got Margo Martindale in Guest Actress and I took her out like an hour ago. Aargh! I had Lena Heady for some time and I took her out like 2 weeks ago. 3 OITNB in Guest Actresses! Wow! And HOC in Guest Actor & Actress. Surprising. Can’t wait to hear what the editors got to say about all this.

Gabriel: “@mindykaling: Well, back to bed!” Someone isn’t happy. Also, they should just make a variety acting category, because forcing lead performers from sketch comedy shows like Portlandia and Inside Amy Schumer to submit in supporting just isn’t fair.

‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ reign over Emmy nominations

Nicole Dunn: VEEP only had one less nom than Modern Family, the tides are changing among Emmy voters!!! My dissappointments pretty much lie in the same places as everybody’s else, although I am so ridiculously happy for Lizzy Caplan!

KT: When Vince wins Best Director for Felina, I hope he pays tribute to the directors of the show, especially the two superior directors who weren’t nominated. Did Jodie Foster actually deserve a directing nomination? I hope she won’t Fincher her way to a win.

Natasha: You can do absolutely nothing the whole season and still get nominated, it’s Emmys dirty little secret.

ChristopherHine: It seems, in recent Emmy history, it always takes something new to come along and knock off a repeat winner in the series races. That’s why I’m predicting OITNB to end Modern Family’s reign and not Veep. Also, bummed about “The Americans” when they insist on rewarding the overrated “House of Cards” and the decaying “Downton Abbey.”

PianoMann: What is so perplexing to me: Emmy acknowledges the steep decline in Homeland and boots it from some major categories, but can’t acknowledge that they need to totally ignore Downton Abbey?

zackfins: Glad for Veep in Comedy Series, but was hoping for either Reid Scott or Timothy Simons to make it in along with JLD and Hale. I’ve given up trying to figure out why The Big Bang Theory is successful, so I don’t even get upset at the nominations for that show anymore.

Atypical: Joe Morton lol? He’s winning. Prepare yourselves in advance. I’ll be rooting for Robert Morse though (the horror!). TREME! Finally some recognition after all of this time, even if it’s a slight cheat in the telefilm categories. Some parting acting nominations would have been nice and wholly earned. Poor Mindy Kaling. Mellssa McCarthy didn’t deserve that nomination over her this year. 

Zdog123: How did Melissa McCarthy get nominated over Emmy Rossum?!? I mean they nominated both Joan Cusack and William H. Macy, so they obviously were watching this season and supported its move to comedy. Emmys love for Chuck Lorre shows is ridiculus.

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