Emmy nominee Josh Charles (‘The Good Wife’) on saying goodbye to Will Gardner (Exclusive Video)

Josh Charles sure can keep a secret. After all, he knew for more than a year that his character on “The Good Wife,” Will Gardner, was going to be killed off in a court room shooting. As the actor revealed in our recent webcam (watch below), “the decision was made in season four, so we kept it quiet for I would say over a year. It was not easy!” He recently reaped his second Emmy bid for Best Drama Supporting Actor for this farewell season.

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He said he was happy with the way his character was written off the show: “It’s a group effort. The cast knew early on, the producers certainly [knew, as did] the studio and the network. We had this opportunity because the press had announced that I had signed on for a whole season, which was not correct information, so we were able to pull it off.”

“I’m really glad it all worked out the way it did because it has been such an important part of my life and my career, and it was such a great way – obviously a very dramatic and shocking way – but a great way, to say goodbye.”

The actor also opened up about the show’s creative resurgence over the last season, and in particular the heralded “Hitting the Fan.” In that episode, Will finds about that Alicia has decided to leave the firm and take some of the clients with her. It was widely praised as one of the standout episodes of the season, and is Charles’ Emmy episode submission.

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“It came down to two episodes. ‘Hitting the Fan’ and ‘The Decision Tree’ were the two that I felt like we got to see the most colors and depth of Will, probably in the entire series. What helped me make the decision was, I just watched the episodes one after the other, and I really like the sequence in “The Decision Tree” when Will is imagining cross-examining Alicia and you really start, for the first time, see that raw pain that’s underneath the rage and the anger.”

“But that’s a very small sequence in the episode, and I think I just felt, watching them both one after the other; I was just really proud of the work, beginning to end, in “Hitting the Fan.” I’m just so damn proud of that episode of television. Reading it to making it to seeing audiences react to it was something that I have never experienced.”

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Comparing this nomination to his first, Charles admitted this one “feels equally if maybe a little more special because I am really proud of the work this year on the show. I’m proud of what we all accomplished on the show and how they wrote for Will and where I was able to go with him and the places that took me as an actor. This one feels special because I know it’s the last for this show.”

Will Charles take the Emmy home for his swan song season on “The Good Wife”? Predict his category below.

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