FXX targets special Emmy FYC campaign for Kaitlin Olson

When sizing up the Emmy justice overdue to a star of “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the New Yorker recently asked, “Why hasn’t the amazing Kaitlin Olson – who gives one of TV’s most radical down-in-the-dirt slapstick performances – been nominated for Best Actress?”

That’s what FX and FXX networks have been wondering for a long time, too, although targeting the race for Best Supporting Comedy Actress, which is where Olson actually competes. But throughout the show’s nine years on the tube, it’s never received Emmy love, probably due to its audience demo. Average age of viewers is 28. Average age of Emmy voters is, well, a year or two south of Methuselah. However, Olson seems to have connected with audiences of all ages and become a break-out star.

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That’s encouraged FX to nix doing the usual Emmy FYC for “Sunny” and, instead, focusing on a campaign just for Olson – in ads appearing at Variety, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap, Los Angeles Times and Gold Derby. Last month DVDs of two episodes of “Sunny” were sent to the TV academy’s acting branch, including “The Gang Broke Dee,” which showcases Olson in top acting form as depressed, drunk, overjoyed, dejected, raunchy, lonely and giddy with the hope of becoming a sudden superstar comedienne.

Last month when we chatted with Olson via webcam (watch below), she admitted that “Sunny” has a problem at the Emmys because voters mistakenly believe it’s a lowbrow comedy.

“I’ve always said that the main reason I love our show is that it’s smart and there’s always a social commentary and we’re always talking about something, whether it’s equal rights for gay people and marriage or racism,” she said. “There’s always something wonderful in the news that we can take and have an opinion on, but make it funny and make it palatable. So for such a ‘stupid’ show with ‘stupid’ comedy, I think it’s really, really smart.”

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