Gold Derby MVP: Snubbing Katey Sagal (‘Sons of Anarchy’) should get Emmys whacked

Last month, we took a moment to recognize Charlie Hunnam‘s underappreciated performance as Jax Teller on “Sons of Anarchy.” But after Tuesday’s penultimate episode, titled “Red Rose,” we’d be remiss if we didn’t also spotlight his biker mama Katey Sagal for her seven-year role of a lifetime.

Played with a quiet subtlety that’s often hard to find on TV, Sagal concluded her time on the dearly departing “Sons” this week. As Gemma Teller, Sagal gave her blood, sweat and tears each and every episode — she even killed for our enjoyment — yet Sagal’s presence on the TV awards circuit is unfortunately stuck in neutral.

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Despite being a fan favorite and TV legend (for all you newbies, she got her start as Al Bundy’s wife on “Married with Children”), Sagal only managed a single awards victory for “Sons,” winning a Golden Globe in 2011. “I’ve just been working so many years, and I’m so honored to be up here,” said a humble Sagal at the Globes podium. (Watch her entire acceptance speech below.)

Sagal lost both Critics’ Choice TV Awards she was nominated for in 2011 and 2012 and she also struck out on her TCA bid in 2010. Worst of all, this veteran actress has never even been nominated for a single Emmy award.

Why does the TV academy hate Katey Sagal so much? We may never know. But they’ll have one final shot to rectify this decades-long injustice next year when the final season of “Sons” is eligible at the 2015 Emmys. Let’s consider the factors working for and against this Gold Derby Emmy MVP.


The final season of “Sons” is such a blockbuster for FX that the Emmys would be fools not to finally recognize the show and its stars across the board. Don’t forget, Matthew Fox didn’t get an Emmy nod until the final year of “Lost” so there is such a thing as a goodbye hug from voters.

Emmy voters have a short attention span, so it’s our job to remind them that Sagal won a Golden Globe just a few years ago. The cache of being a Globe winner could push her to a nomination, albeit several years too late.

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Six years being snubbed as Gemma Teller and 11 years ignored as Peggy Bundy should be all the evidence we need to realize that the Emmys just don’t like her.

“Sons of Anarchy” may be a fan favorite, but it’s far from an awards juggernaut. The show has only mustered two measly Creative Arts Emmy nominations so far. It lost both.

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