Kathleen Rose Perkins revels in ‘making fun’ of Hollywood on ‘Episodes’ (Exclusive Video)

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get a job after this. I’m making fun of all the people that could give me jobs!” ” admitted Kathleen Rose Perkins about her role as Carol Rance, an insecure and embattled TV network executive on Showtime’s “Episodes.” This sly satire of showbiz that skewers what goes on in the trenches in Hollywood recently wrapped its third season and Perkins joined us for a lively webcam chat (watch below). 

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She readily agreed that the feedback she receives from industry insiders is the show is often right on the money. “That’s the weird spiral of nuttiness. The executives, the people that I’m playing, they say ‘You are so spot on! I have a friend who I work right next to who is exactly like Carol! Great job, because you really are nailing it.’ But I am playing them! It’s so Hollywood.”

Episodes” is a Showtime/BBC co-production created by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik (“Friends”) that stars “Friends” alum Matt LeBlanc as an exaggerated version of himself, lampooning both his own public image and the perception of celebrities in general. On working with LeBlanc, Perkins noted that the two actors enjoy making fun of each other as much as possible. “I have four older brothers … and now he’s like my fifth. And I hate him!” She quickly qualified, “In the best possible way, I hate him! He loves to tease, and he knows exactly what buttons to push for me. And I’m like the goofy little sister around him.”

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Perkins admitted she was desperate to score back when she read for the part. “I couldn’t breathe because I was so nervous. I wanted the job so bad because I really wanted to go to London, and I really wanted to be on a show! Because, before that, I had done six pilots, four of which had not been picked up and two of which got picked up, but I got fired from.”

Will Perkins reap her first Emmy bid as Best Comedy Supporting Actress this year? After watching our chat, use the easy drag-and-drop menu below to make your predictions.

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