15 hottest forums posts: Your reactions to the Los Angeles Film Critics award winners

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16 hottest forums posts:
Fierce reactions to National Board of Review award winners

Los Angeles Film Critics award winners reactions

TomHardys: Tom Hardy won!!! My fave! Easily one of the best male performances of the year so he was very deserving. Patricia Arquette should’ve won in Supporting where she belongs. Haven’t seen Ida so I can’t comment on Agata’s win but I wish Russo was the winner since she was the runner-up. This hardly has any Oscar impact outside of cementing Boyhood as one of this season’s frontrunners.

Jake: I absolutely love this supporting win for Agata Kulesza. I knew it was planned to campaign her as such but I was never sure if she would be able to win anything, coming from Polish language film and all. Wow, amazing achievement. So proud of this fantastic actress from my country. The fact that “Ida” was loved in both NY and LA makes me optimistic.

Stardust: With the exception of LAFC throwing Hardy and Under the Skin‘s score a bone, the critics results have been beyond lame. They fall short of naming Ellar Coltrane BA because they would look absolutely ridiculous.

ETPhoneHome: Are you kidding? I think the critics awards have been exciting in how all over the place they’ve been. It’s really shaken up the race for the moment, and now a lot of worthy films and performances have been recognized before the televised awards even begin. That’s a good year the way I see it.

FreemanGriffin: I wish Rene Russo had won rather than get runner-up, esp. since Agata was really a co-lead in “Ida”. (Of course, Patricia Arquette was supporting in Boyhood, so the critics were all over the place with these two choices).

Munster: Quite a few members have voiced something to the effect of “Julianne Moore winning for that lifetime movie would be bad for us” so obviously she’d have very vocal detractors. Marion Cotillard would’ve been an ideal alternative to concentrate on but she became too mainstream after the sweep earlier today so screw her. This is what you get when people go on an ego trip. Arquette was the epitome of a compromise choice.

Nessie: Good for Tom Hardy! He’s 50X the actor Benedict Cumberbatch is and 10X Eddie Redmayne. Let’s hope he sneaks in there with a surprise nomination. 

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Last minute Golden Globe nominee predictions

Sasha: Cannot believe Amy Adams is gonna win second Comedy/Musical GG in a row for another drama with comedic undertones. Oh, and Rosamund Pike is winning that GG. She has everything they love! She’s in a hip and cool movie with great reviews, it’s a monster box-office hit and she’s a fresh face on her way to stardom. They’re not gonna pass on a chance to award that.

AMG: The Globes like a surprise in the Musical/Comedy categories, and I think this year those slight surprises will be coming from The Skeleton Twins (not a comedy, just a drama with traditionally comedic actors & it has some great humour), and Pride. The Skeleton Twins has fantastic central performances from Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig, and both completely deserve to be nominated, and dare I say, push to win, even though that is probably unlikely.

seabel: The Weinstein Company confirmed that Christoph Waltz is following the Zeta-Jones strategy in 2003. Lead Actor Comedy or Musical at the Globes, supporting actor at the Oscars. Really excited to see how Big Eyes performs here. It could achieve 6 noms (Pic, Actor, Actress, Screenplay, Score, Song). I don’t say it as a fan or something like that, just that it’s a mysterious movie that it’s keeping its buzz until the last minute, suspenseful marketing strategy. 

Grammy Award predictions for Album of the Year

Rinolo Twenty-two: Beck is totally winning AOTY, the album is also nominated for Best Engineered Album, and when was the last time an album lost AOTY being nominated in both categories? It has everything: big name, no crappy featured artists, singer-songwriting and self produced album, great engineering, alternative rock, etc.

Gucci: The main competition is between Beck and Beyonce. Since the beginning of the year, I thought Beyonce had this on lock. However, Beck is the veteran in this line-up and it’s his third nomination. I get the feeling NARAS wants to continue its trend of being “hip and cool.” NARAS worships the ground Bey walks on. So, this is the best time to reward her with the big one.  Beck will get rewarded in the Rock field.

Pieman1994: As much as little ol’ hipster me should at least want Beck to win, this is clearly Beyonce‘s. She has commercial success. She has stayed incredibly relevant throughout the year. She has gotten the absolute strongest reviews, not only of her career, but of almost any other artist or album this period. In short, Beyoncé has the widest appeal. They’ve rewarded her for considerably lesser works in the past. Beyoncé would be the perfect hybrid of prestige and popularity. If Beyoncé is ever going to win AOTY, this is her time.

Atypical: I think Beyonce will and should win Album of the Year, and with her glaring Record of the Year snub, this is the only General Field recognition that she can receive for her game-changing, critically and commercially acclaimed album. The only real competition I see for her is Sam Smith, and that’s if voters want to anoint him as the next big thing and have him sweep the entire field. But I hope he doesn’t sweep, since I don’t think he deserves to sweep for starters, and who needs or wants him to become the next Christopher Cross? It’s a huge amount of pressure to place on a 20-something newbie with his debut effort.

Renaton: I’m thinking Beyonce or Beck as well. Beck has the nominations, rock block, and veteran status that helps him a great deal. Beyonce has the sales, critical acclaim, pop culture relevance and I think that just like Outkast pulled off a win even with Missy’s album in the line-up, so can Beyonce even though Pharrell Williams is here. Sam will likely do well with categories for his song and in the pop field, but I do not see him winning AOTY since the singles and his voice seem to be a bigger story than the actual album. I don’t see him pulling off a Christopher Cross/Norah Jones.

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