No laughing matter: Top 30 TV comedy episodes this Emmy season

Now that the fat lady has sung on the 2013-14 TV season, Gold Derby’s users have been busy debating their choices for the top 30 comedy episodes. It’s all for the purpose of narrowing down the field for the Best Comedy Episode category at the 11th Annual Gold Derby TV Awards. After weeks of calculations, their messages have been received and the results are in.

In all, 18 different shows are represented in our list of 30 episodes, with a quartet of comedies — “Louie,” “Modern Family,” “Orange is the New Black” and “Veep” — all tying for the lead with three episodes apiece. Scroll down to see if your favorite comedy episodes made our list.

(Click here for our corresponding list of the Top 30 TV drama episodes of 2013-14.)

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Louie3 episodes

Synopsis: Louie injures his back while shopping for a vibrator.
Director: Louis C.K.
Writer: Louis C.K.

So Did the Fat Lady
Synopsis: A fat woman who works at the comedy club keeps asking Louie out on a date, but Louie is not interested.
Director: Louis C.K.
Writer: Louis C.K.

In the Woods
Synopsis: When Louie catches Lily smoking pot, he flashes back to a similar period from his own childhood.
Director: Louis C.K.
Writer: Louis C.K.

Modern Family3 episodes

Las Vegas
Synopsis: On a trip to Las Vegas, Jay wheels and deals to get a better room, Claire tries to win back the money she lost last year, Phil tries to get into a magician’s club, and Cameron chooses a bachelor party over a spa day with Mitchell.
Director: Gail Mancuso
Writers: Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh and Bill Wrubel

Message Received
Synopsis: Mitchell and Cameron have to sell a few prized possessions to afford their wedding. Phil and Claire are the victims of a practical joke pulled off by their kids. Jay, Gloria and Manny are each forced to confront a fear.
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Writer: Steven Levitan

The Wedding
Synopsis: Preparations for Mitchell and Cameron’s wedding become a logistical nightmare, especially when a wildfire pushes the wedding time four hours ahead of schedule.
Directors: Steven Levitan and Alisa Statman
Writers: Abraham Higginbotham, Ben Karlin, Jeffrey Richman, Megan Ganz, Christopher Lloyd and Dan O’Shannon

Orange is the New Black3 episodes

I Wasn’t Ready (Pilot)
Synopsis: Piper Chapman is sent to jail as a result of her relationship with a drug smuggler.
Director: Michael Trim
Writers: Liz Friedman and Jenji Kohan

Lesbian Request Denied
Synopsis: An inmate named Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren has her sights set on Piper and makes her intentions apparent. Piper seeks advice on how to let Crazy Eyes down gently.
Director: Jodie Foster
Writer: Sian Heder

Can’t Fix Crazy
Synopsis: Alex takes a final decision about Piper and Larry finally decides what will happen to Piper after meeting for the first time Alex. Red plan to retrieve her kitchen does not come out very well. Piper faces for the first time with an inmate.
Director: Michael Trim
Writers: Tara Herrmann and Jenji Kohan

Veep3 episodes

The Choice
Synopsis: Following POTUS’ new stance on abortion, Selina is forced to reconsider hers. Jonah starts a consulting firm outlet called Ryantology.
Director: Becky Martin
Writers: Roger Drew, Ian Martin and Armando Iannucci

Synopsis: While Selina and her staff prepare for an Annapolis event where she will announce her candidacy, Dan gets word that “Saturday Night Live” has done a not-so-flattering sketch about her.
Director: Christopher Morris
Writers: Sean Gray, Ian Martin and Armando Iannucci

Synopsis: Selina has to prep for a debate against her prime opponents. The vice president has an article written about him in the newspaper by Mike’s wife.
Director: Armando Iannucci
Writers: David Quantick, Tony Roche and Armando Iannucci

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The Big Bang Theory2 episodes

The Scavenger Vortex
Synopsis: After the gang blows off Raj’s mystery dinner, he creates a scavenger hunt, with unusual pairings. During the hunt, Amy and Howard bond over their love of Neil Diamond, while Bernadette gets competitive.
Director: Mark Cendrowski
Writers: Steven Molaro, Jim Reynolds, Maria Ferrari, David Goetsch, Eric Kaplan and Steve Holland

The Locomotive Manipulation
Synopsis: Sheldon and Amy take a train ride to Napa Valley with Howard and Bernadette on Valentine’s Day. Leonard and Penny take Raj’s dog to the vet when she accidentally eats some chocolate.
Director: Mark Cendrowski
Writers: Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan, Maria Ferrari, Jim Reynolds, Steve Holland and Tara Hernandez

Brooklyn Nine-Nine2 episodes

Sal’s Pizza
Synopsis: Jake’s favorite pizza place burns down and he is determined to prove the owner was not responsible. Meanwhile, Amy is jealous of Rosa’s being offered a promotion, and Terry and Gina have to hire a new IT specialist.
Director: Craig Zisk
Writer: Lakshmi Sundaram

Operation Broken Feather
Synopsis: Jake is hurt when Amy tells him that she is considering leaving the precinct, while Terry helps Holt redesign the precinct to make everyone more productive.
Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Writers: Dan Goor and Michael Schur

Community2 episodes

Cooperative Polygraphy
Synopsis: After Pierce’s unexpected passing, a team of investigators headed by the no-nonsense Mr. Stone arrives at Greendale to subject the study group to lie detector tests before they can be considered for distributions under the will.
Director: Tristram Shapeero
Writer: Alex Rubens

Geothermal Escapism
Synopsis: As a going-away present to Troy before his around-the-world trip, Abed sets up a high-stakes game of “Hot Lava” at the college, but Britta suspects that the game is just masking his real feelings about Troy’s departure.
Director: Joe Russo
Writer: Tim Saccardo

Parks and Recreation2 episodes

Ann and Chris
Synopsis: On Ann and Chris’ last night in Pawnee, Leslie throws a grand farewell party and attempts to fulfill one last promise.
Director: Dean Holland
Writers: Aisha Muharrar and Michael Schur

Moving Up
Synopsis: Leslie debates whether to take the job with the National Parks Service. During the Unity Concert, Leslie invites some coworkers to join her at her new job in Chicago, while Andy thinks about reuniting Mouse Rat.
Director: Michael Schur
Writers: Alan Yang and Aisha Muharrar

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The Crazy Ones
Pilot (Crazy Ones)
Synopsis: The agency is about to lose their largest client unless they can come up with a new fresh advertisement. Simon gets Kelly Clarkson to sing the promotional song.
Director: Jason Winer
Writer: David E. Kelley

Beach House
Synopsis: Marnie invites the girls to her mother’s friend’s beach house for the weekend. While there, Hannah runs into Elijah and the girls learn a lot about themselves through each other.
Director: Jesse Peretz
Writers: Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow

The Quarterback
Synopsis: The New Directions remember Finn.
Director: Brad Falchuk
Writers: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan

How I Met Your Mother
How Your Mother Met Me
Synopsis: The story of The Mother, from her traumatic 21st birthday to a number of close calls with meeting Ted to the night before Barney and Robin’s wedding.
Director: Pamela Fryman
Writers: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

Looking for the Future
Synopsis: Patrick calls in sick to work so he can spend the day exploring with Richie. They see the sights of San Francisco while discussing their pasts and what they want to do in their futures.
Director: Andrew Haigh
Writer: Andrew Haigh

The Mindy Project
Danny and Mindy
Synopsis: After exchanging a flirty stare with a gorgeous guy in the subway, Mindy is full of joy knowing the guy is actually looking for her by describing Mindy’s appearances in the newspaper.
Director: Michael Spiller
Writer: Mindy Kaling

Zombies and Cobb Salad
Synopsis: When Bonnie loses her job and struggles to keep her life together, Christy tries to get her back on track. Octavia Spencer returns as Christy’s new friend, Regina.
Director: Betsy Thomas
Writers: Nick Bakay, Christine Zander, Alissa Neubauer, Eddie Gorodetsky, Chuck Lorre and Gemma Baker

Pancakes Divorce Pancakes
Synopsis: Critic Forrest MacNeil reviews real-life experiences that include eating pancakes and getting a divorce.
Director: Jeffrey Blitz
Writers: Leo Allen, Andy Blitz, Jeffrey Blitz, Andy Daly, Kevin Dorff, Carol Kolb and Gavin Steckler

There’s the Rub
Synopsis: Fiona’s bad decisions involving Robbie finally boil over. Frank and Sammi continue fixing his liver trouble, while catching up on the father-daughter time that Sammi always wanted. Lip gets a surprise at college from Army investigators.
Director: David Nutter
Writers: Davey Holmes

Silicon Valley
Minimum Viable Product (Pilot)
Synopsis: Richard is a computer programmer. He has to choose between a $10 million deal with Gavin Belson and a $200.000 deal with Peter Gregory, in exchange for his cooperation to make the idea of a super compressing algorithm change the world.
Director: Mike Judge
Writers: Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky

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