Emmy Episode Analysis: Louis C.K. (‘Louie’) is a literal knockout in ‘Model’

Including Best Comedy Actor for FX’s “Louie” and four other races this year, Louis C.K. has earned 30 career Emmy nominations. He has won four trophies overall: Variety Writing (“The Chris Rock Show,” 1999), Comedy Writing (“Louie,” 2012) and Variety Special Writing (“Live at the Beacon Theater” in 2012 and “Oh My God” in 2013).


Emmy Episode Analysis: Can four-time writing champ
Louis C.K. win Comedy Guest Actor for ‘SNL’ gig?

SYNOPSIS: His submitted episode, “Model,” begins with Louie attempting to ask out a bartender, but before he can even get the question out, she asks him not to so she won’t have to say no. Another bartender implores him to stop propositioning every woman. Jerry Seinfeld enters and asks if Louie can open for him at an upcoming benefit in the Hamptons. Louie agrees, but Jerry clarifies that it needs to be clean material.

On the train to the Hamptons, Louie struggles to write appropriate jokes, and when he arrives, he realizes he’s under-dressed in a t-shirt and jeans at the black-tie affair. An aggravated Jerry gets him a jacket and hurries him on stage, but his performance bombs. Only one woman in the audience laughs at his jokes.

Louis C.K.: How to win Emmys without really trying

After Louie leaves the benefit and is about to call a cab, the lone laugher, an attractive young woman (Yvonne Strahovski), compliments Louie on how much the crowd hated his set and invites him to take a ride with her. They end up back at her place, where they have sex. Afterwards, she says she’s a model and wonders what makes him laugh. She starts to tickle him despite his repeated warnings against it, and he accidentally punches her in the face, knocking her unconscious. At the hospital, the woman’s father arrives and punches Louie. A lawyer (Victor Garber), recommended by Jerry, tells Louie that the parents won’t press charges if he pays them $5 million.

Louie later tells the whole story to the waitress who shot him down at the beginning of the episode. She feels bad for him and buys him a drink.

Can Louis C.K. win his first Emmy for acting? Here are the pros and cons:


It’s hard not to feel bad for Louie as this unfortunate accident ends up costing him so much.

As uncomfortable as it can be to watch, the scene of Louie bombing at the benefit is funny.

Louis C.K. is certainly popular when it comes to the Emmys. He has five individual nominations just this year, including writing, directing, and producing for “Louie,” and guest acting forSaturday Night Live.”


There’s no showy emotional or comic scene that will stick in the minds of voters.

Few stand-up comics have won Emmys in this category.

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Louis C.K. currently ranks fourth in our predictions with odds of 14/1. Do you think he can finally break through in this category? Make your predictions below.


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