Here’s the perfect way to end ‘Mad Men’ – do you agree?

Now that “Mad Men” is winding down to its last 11 episodes, so are the plots and story action. Not much happens, let’s face it. Lately, this program has been all about character study. But, hey, isn’t “Mad Mensupposed to be about the cutthroat, hedonist, hurlyburly lives of the glam ad boys who can’t resist being naughty in the City that Never Sleeps?

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In recent years I think “Mad Men” lost its biggest opportunity when Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) broke free to work for a rival ad firm, then too-quickly capitulated and returned dutifully like whipped dog to the fold. Boring! I was so upset about the missed opportunities for mischief and conflict that I even complained to series creator Matt Weiner, “Why didn’t you think of having Peggy and Don go at it like Alexis and Krystle on ‘Dynasty’? They could’ve had epic battles!”

“I don’t know,” he said, genuinely bewildered. “Maybe because you weren’t in the writers’ room?”

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Well, Weiner didn’t invite me into the writer’s room after that, so I will take my new pitch to him in the public arena – right here at Gold Derby. Here’s how I think the remaining episodes should play out. What do you think? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Now that Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has been ousted from Sterling Cooper by his colleagues, he plans a secret war to take down the firm from the inside. He seduces Peggy and uses her as a devious Mata Hari, who, one by one, assassinates all of the jerks in the firm. After Roger (John Slattery) is evil to one of the black secretaries, Peggy observes him hitting on the secretary’s underage daughter when the girl comes to the office. Peggy convinces the girl to accept Roger’s advances, then they arrange for the police to catch him in the act – he gets jailed for statutory rape. Peggy tricks Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) into taking money he believes is a bonus and she has him nailed for embezzling. When it’s time for the firm to make a presentation to Chevy, she gets Bertram (Robert Morse) drunk and gives him the wrong presentation materials – so he screws up the account while making an ass of himself. Joan (Christina Hendricks) catches Peggy’s skullduggery, but rather than stop her, HELPS her to steer all of their remaining clients to Don’s new agency, which booms with him as the boss – and Peggy and Joan as his new, sneering partners who hire white male secretaries.

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