Matt Walsh on ups (marriage) and downs (verbal gaffes) of ‘Veep’ character (Exclusive Video)

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus won Best TV Comedy Actress at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, she called on Matt Walsh, who plays her “Veep” character’s trusty communications director Mike McLintock, to help find her speech but all he could produce was a sandwich.

In our recent webcam (watch below), Walsh revealed they planned this bit earlier that day. He said, “there was the fine tuning of the sandwich. I suggested peanut butter and jelly on white bread; she suggested putting it in the inside pocket of the suit not the outside pocket because it’s funnier.” He came prepared: “I had two sandwiches because you always have two props in case one fails. And I gave one of the sandwiches to Anna (Chlumsky)’s husband because he was still hungry after dinner.”

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 For the actor, his character is “sort of the cockroach that survives the nuclear holocaust. Mike has a lot of experience and he’s seen the waves go up and down… part of it’s beaten down and part of it is wisdom. I don’t think he cares to invest too much in these temporary victories… he’s very loyal to Selina but I don’t think he needs to be in the spotlight.”

One of Mike’s ups this year was that he finally got married. “I do like having moments of joy for Mike and I do like seeing Mike’s personal life. Because the first season we just knew he had an imaginary dog and in the second season we just knew he had a boat that he couldn’t get rid of. But now we’re starting to see the relationships in Mike’s life which I think are really fun.”

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And one of his downs for Mike was calling a campaign supporter a “stupid cow,” leading Mike to have to sing a song on his knees to beg for the story not to be released. On the choice of “Goober Peas,” Walsh explained, “That was a song I learned in grade school… We tried some [other songs] in rehearsal and then on the day of filming we revisit it and I suggested that song, and because it was public domain it was free.”

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