Are Oscar champs Matthew McConaughey, Alfonso Cuaron Emmy bound?

The Oscars may be a thing of the past, but as we all know, the awards derby never truly ends!

Matthew McConaughey and Alfonso Cuaron won Oscars Sunday night and their next projects could earn each of them Emmys as well.

McConaughey, who won Best Actor for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club,” stars in the critically acclaimed HBO series “True Detective” opposite Woody Harrelson. He is getting more rave reviews for his performance as Detective Rust Cohle.

Indeed, many pundits thought that McConaughey’s appearance on the dark detective miniseries pushed him over the edge at the Oscars, as it conveniently aired during voting. And now, conversely, his Oscar win could very well help him win his first Emmy.

Cuaron, who won Best Director for “Gravity,” created, wrote and directed NBC’s upcoming drama series “Believe,” premiering March 10. Produced by J.J. Abrams, the new high-concept series stars newcomer Johnny Sequoyah as a young girl born with special abilities that she’s unable to control, so a ragtag group of protectors (including Delroy Lindo and Kyle MacLachlan) join forces to keep her powers from wreaking havoc on the world.

While sci-fi shows rarely ever win Emmys, Abrams was able to prevail for directing and producing “Lost” during its landmark first season on ABC (2005). Other sci-fi/fantasy shows like “Heroes” and “Game of Thrones” have been nominated in the top categories, but weren’t able to win. Might Cuaron’s Oscar victory give him the edge at the Emmys?

Earning Oscar and Emmy bids in the same calendar year is a true accomplishment, however McConaughey and Cuaron would hardly be alone in claiming such a feat. See our photo gallery below of 10 other performers who were honored with double kudos, including Helen Mirren in 2007 and Helen Hunt in 1998.

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