Emmy Episode Analysis: Melissa McCarthy (‘Mike and Molly’) makes us laugh and cry

In 2011, Melissa McCarthy shocked awards watchers when she won the Best Comedy Actress Emmy for the first season of “Mike and Molly.” She lost in 2012 to Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”) and was snubbed last year. However, she returns this year and could keep Louis-Dreyfus from making it three in a row thanks to an episode submission, “Mind Over Molly,” that will make Emmy voters laugh and cry.

Emmy Episode Analysis: Will Melissa McCarthy win with
third Guest Comedy Actress bid for hosting ‘SNL’?

SYNOPSIS: The episode opens with Molly visiting a therapist for the first time. She’s a nervous wreck and goes on and on about nothing in particular, thinking that he’s psycho-analyzing her. Later, it’s revealed that Mike (Billy Gardell) asked Molly to see the therapist because he was worried about her after weeks of unusual behavior. She agrees to see the therapist three times. On the second visit, the therapist doesn’t speak, allowing Molly to open up about her family members. She blames her upbringing on her current instability, but curiously neglects to expand upon her deceased father.

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Later, Molly finds herself at the swing set her father used to take her to. Mike convinces her to go back to therapy to talk about her buried feelings over her father, and she reluctantly agrees. Molly admits to the therapist that she was never able to properly mourn him because she had to step up and take care of the family in his absence. She then realizes that Mike has now replaced her father as the man in her life.

Back at the swing set, Mike takes a drink and Molly puffs on a cigar, both in remembrance of her father. For the first time, Molly cries over her father’s death as she finally realizes what he meant to her and how much she misses him.

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Can McCarthy take home her second Emmy for this role for “Mind Over Molly”? Let’s consider the pros and cons:


McCarthy gives a knock-out performance in these 22 minutes as she laughs and cries over her deceased father, and makes us laugh and cry along with her.

She is so likable in this episode, she could sway many undecided voters.

McCarthy has several strong scenes that will surely stick with voters, including that final one at the swing set where she raises her cigar to the sky to remember her father.


Many awards watchers thought that the success of “Bridesmaids” helped McCarthy win the Emmy in 2011. So, could the poor reception for her current flick “Tammy” hurt her?

Besides McCarthy’s bid, the fourth season of this laffer only reaped one other nomination: Best Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series.

With so many other worthy leading ladies in the mix, is McCarthy still the hip, cool choice she was three years ago?

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McCarthy is currently tied for third place in our predictions with 25/1 odds. Can she overcome the “uncool” factor to win Emmy #2? Make your own predictions below.

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