Oscars bitch fight: Michael Musto and Tom O’Neil battle over Jennifer Lawrence

“Oh, come on!” I roar at Michael Musto (Out, Gawker) in our podcast as we battle over who’s ahead to win Best Supporting Actress. He’s picking Lupita Nyongo (“12 Years a Slave”). I say Jennifer Lawrence (“American Hustle”).

“You’re not only wrong, but you’ve got Jennifer Lawrence in fourth place behind June Squibb,” I chide him. “Shame on you!”

“She’s not winning two years in a  row, I’m sorry,” Musto replies, tut-tutting my predix. “She could win if it was her first and they were anointing the new Goldie Hawn. I’m predicting a ‘12 Years a Slave‘ sweep and Lupita is my choice, I’m sorry. Call me crazy. There’s a little more gravitas than Jennifer Lawrence singing ‘Live and Let Die’ and planting a kiss on Amy Adams to show her power over her.”

That’s just one outtake of our smackdown. Listen to more and make your own predictions below. See Musto’s predictions here. See mine here.



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