Watch: Michelle Monaghan (‘True Detective’) on getting ‘naked’ with Matthew McConaughey (Exclusive Video)

Michelle Monaghan has a complex relationship with both of her leading men in HBO’s “True Detective“: Woody Harrelson as her philandering husband and Matthew McConaughey as his partner, whom she seduces in a last-ditch effort to escape her marriage. During our recent video chat (watch below), she explained how it felt to film such a “raw, explosive scene”: “What a freedom, you know, to just be able to be naked with [McConaughey], and I don’t necessarily mean that in the literal sense, but to be completely vulnerable and to feel safe in that environment, and we really did.”

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“We sort of looked at each other after rehearsals,” she said about the day of shooting, “and he’s like, ‘Let’s just go for it. Let’s leave everything out on the table.’ I think we high-fived each other.”

That episode, “Haunted Houses,” is the one she’s most likely to submit to Emmy judges if nominated for Best Drama Supporting Actress; in addition to that emotionally charged scene with McConaughey, it also features her character in different time periods, which was part of the role’s appeal for her: “It was an opportunity to really gauge this character on a much larger scale than I’d ever had the opportunity to do on film … I was really intrigued at the idea of then being able to see how this woman physically ages and emotionally ages over the course of 17 years.”

HBO caused a stir when they decided to enter “True Detective” as a drama at the Emmys, while other anthology series like “Fargo” and “American Horror Story” are categorized as miniseries, but Monaghan thinks it’s a better fit for the crime drama. She explained, “I don’t think ‘True Detective’ is a miniseries because it’s a series that’s going to be coming back next year, so I don’t think it was really any surprise.”

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