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Death of director Mike Nichols and memories

Halo Insider: Despite his age, this came as a bit of a shock to me. Mike Nichols remained so active throughout his later years, and I thought we would get more still from him. I hope that he was at ease in his passing. He left behind an incredible legacy.

AviChristians: One of my favorite Directors/Writers. He was simply the best, his way of drawing raw emotion in his films, he was great with actors and a wonderful storyteller, and the human nature aspect in his films was very unique in a way. And by God , he was the only one to draw amazing performances from Emma Thompson. I will forever thank him for Wit, Silkwood and of course The Graduate.

benbraddock: My name here should tell most of you that I was a huge fan of MIKE NICHOLS and many of his legendary films. I am devastated with this terribly sudden sad news. I just had the pleasure of seeing him in the theater with his lovely wife back in June. We were attending Audra’s LADY DAY. We spoke briefly and he seemed absolutely fine…sharp as ever and as
always, totally engaging. We discussed his past projects and he was excited to be working with Meryl Streep again. The Graduate and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, IMO, are the clearest case of a director making back to back masterpieces that have both become iconic as of today, and other films of his show his brilliant talent as a film director. He was masterful with actors getting brilliant performances from the likes of TAYLOR, BURTON, BANCROFT, HOFFMAN, STREEP, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Emma Thompson, Cher, Shirley MacLaine and even Melanie Griffith.

Pieman1994: When I read the news, I did one of those involuntary hand-over-mouth motions. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty stunned. At any rate, what is there to say? He’s one of the most accomplished and influential film directors of all time who kept making impressive movies, even late into his career.

GeorgeBalanchine: He was that rare American director…a true singular artist who was successful both in Hollywood and on Broadway – simultaneously!

‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ November 19 episode

oopschoice: Amazing episode! Just wow! I think the buildup was well-done. Jeremy believed that Jon had an idol, so Jon needed to take care of Jeremy before he made any move against Jon. Then Jon discussed the plan with Missy. Giving more information like how Reed ended up joining them would ruin the surprise. And the fact that Jeremy had somewhat of a player-who-goes-very-far edit made the event even more shocking.

24Emmy: Will Natalie ditch her alliance and what about Reed? It makes more sense for a player with no loved one to be in an alliance that only includes one duo instead of two. New alliances are bound to be formed with Jeremy’s shocking exit.

EmmyLoser: Yeah, I agree.  They did a good job of letting you know it was a possibility without making you think it would actually happen.  I think every episode I’ve seen where a person does something selfless like give up a reward, that player gets voted out in the episode or soon thereafter.

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‘Modern Family’ episode ‘Three Turkeys’

adamunc: Two winners in a row. And I did think it was hilarious how they all decided they needed a break from each other because they spend too much time together, and all we’ve done this season on this board is carp about how the characters have become too segmented. Sarah Hyland was aces again and the turkey-shuffle farce at the end was truly laugh-out-loud. Another stellar directing effort from Beth McCarthy Miller.

espnfan: While I did not absolutely love this episode, at least as much as other people here, it was a highly enjoyable episode.  As everyone has said, it was nice to see the cast together again.  Say what you want about the show, but the chemistry the cast has with each other really is impressive.  Whether as individual families or as a group, they really do act and function as a family.

mikeboy898: This episode was very “Las Vegas”-esque from last season, especially towards the end as all the families were converging and Jay and Gloria’s. I thought the episode was hilarious! Very elaborately structured, quick jokes, separate stories that all merge – some of my favorite things about Modern Family. As usual, I loved Phil here. He was hilarious with the cougar-sounding cooking app and the very end of the episode when Claire thought he was dancing but he was listening to her still – too good.

ETPhoneHome: This is the kind of episode I love with Modern Family, ones where they’re all together and their plot lines all blend with each other. Please don’t stop spending time together!

Amy Adams cast to play Janis Joplin

CordellMartin: Welp it looks like Amy Adams may finally win her Oscar really soon.

K-Hole: She will need a lot more than just the right make-up, dear, she’ll need a whole new personality. Simply put, Janis Joplin would be amused — appalled, really — to find herself portrayed by Amy Adams. Is this a Lifetime Television for Women movie? Anyway, most (not all) biopics are worthless and irrelevant, especially ones about iconic performers. There is no merit whatsoever in getting someone to lipsync Janis Joplin songs between swigs of Jack Daniels. Might as well get a fierce drag queen to do it.

TomHardys: Oh but you see, she has the personality… Haven’t you see American Hustle, dear? Or are you basing your entire opinion on her performance of Enchanted? She’s one of the most versatile performers in Hollywood right now and she has five Oscar nominations to prove it. And pardon me if I’m mistaken but I don’t think you provided anyone better for the role… You didn’t provide anyone at all. If its a drag queen you want as a lead character, I’m afraid you’re aiming for the wrong movie type :/

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