Can Minnie Driver (‘About a Boy’) win an Emmy for going crazy and playing drunk? (Exclusive Video)

About a Boy” star  Minnie Driver revealed to Gold Derby during our recent webcam chat (watch below) that she can’t make up her mind about what episode to submit to Emmy  voters if she is nominated for Best Comedy Actress.

Does she opt for the showy drunk option (“About a Poker Night”), nutty romantic comedy (“About a Plumber”) or poignant drama (“About a Boy’s Dad”)?

“I really like the poker episode,” she admits. As this always candid actress explains, “I really like getting hammered. I think you get a real insight into her.” But, she add, “I like the plumber episode when she goes out on a date and it’s a disaster.” And, she says, “Although it was more emotional and wasn’t funny, I really love the the one with Tony Hale about a boy’s dad when he comes to visit from Antarctica.”

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In this TV series, like the book and film that precede it, Driver plays the single offbeat mom of the titular boy (Benjamin Stockham) living next door to an immature musician (David Walton).

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Driver is also in contention in the Best Movie/Mini Actress category for the harrowing telefilm “Return to Zero.” In a change of pace part, she plays an expectant mother eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child, who is forced to overcome devasting news and deal with the fallout.

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Can Driver return to the Emmys in either or both of the Best Comedy Actress or Best Movie/Mini Actress this year? After watching the webcam chat,  use the easy drag-and-drop menu below to make your Emmy predictions for Comedy Actress.

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