15 hottest forums posts: Is John Mulaney the worst actor on TV?

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Will ‘Mulaney’ be cancelled soon by Fox?

espnfan: Sadly (or not) it appears Mulaney is headed towards cancellation.  Fox has said they will air the remaining episodes to help the show build an audience, but they have given no word on the future of the program.

KyleBailey: I really hope it isn’t the first to go. I really liked the pilot but I will admit the last two episodes were a bit bumpy. It definitly doesn’t belong to go before The Mysteries of Laura, Manhattan Love Story, Selfie, or Bad Judge.

Macbeth: I am dreading the announcement that Mulaney will be cancelled. It may not be a great show, and John Mulaney may be the worst actor on TV at this point, but Elliott Gould, Martin Short and Nasim Pedrad are amazing on it. I hope when it gets cancelled, Lorne Michaels has something lined up for Nasim, because she just left such a high-profile gig at SNL, and Martin Short needs an HBO show or something. Its a pity, but I am still holding out hope that if given time, it will get better.

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What’s up with ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy?

Vincelette: I recently watched the first two installments and I’m quite shocked on the non-significant reactions. I wasn’t a big fan of “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” (I find it good, but not outstanding), but I have to tell you, this “The Hobbit Trilogyis basically the same. Notable director, decent screenplay, good performances, nice visual effects and battle scenes – so where are the Oscar nominations? It’s clearly on radar each year – why they keep ignoring it? It’s not like the race is so strong.

ETPhoneHome: I think the hobbit films are good, but nowhere near as good as LOTR. The story of LOTR needed all three long films, while the hobbit feels much more action-heavy and overstretched. All the action sequences in LOTR are straight from the book, and have major implications on the storyline. That’s part of why (while I’m still excited) I’m a bit wary of the new Hobbit film, which has the  Battle of the Five Armies.

KT: Ok, here goes LOL. I didn’t hate The Hobbit movies, but I was irritated at some of the creative decisions and don’t think they’re good films.  The overly long exposition—seriously, it took 40 minutes for Bilbo to leave Bag End on his adventure.  The Erebor flashback/histories looked like cartoons…and were probably even longer than the much more epic and compelling history prologue that begins LOTR.

Grammy wins that made you angry

james14: Fun. winning Best New Artist over Frank Ocean. Steely Dan winning Album of the Year over Radiohead. “Clocks” winning Record of the Year over decade-best tracks like “Crazy in Love”, “Hey Ya!”, and “Lose Yourself.” Train‘s “Hey Soul Sister” winning Pop Group.  Sure, all the nominees weren’t the best that year, but calling this a Grammy-winning track makes me angry.

Atypical: Kanye West losing Best New Artist to Maroon 5. India.Arie‘s 0-7 shutout for her “Acoustic Soul” debut. Amy Winehouse losing Album of the Year to Herbie Hancock‘s “River: The Joni Sessions.” Green Day‘s “American Idiot” losing Rock Song to U2‘s “Vertigo.” Bobby McFerrin‘s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” winning Song of the Year over Tracy Chapman‘s “Fast Car.”

circa 1993: Herbie Hancock winning AOTY over the timeless classic Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis winning Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar‘s masterpiece good kid, MAAD City. Ray Charles sympathy win for AOTY over Green Day, Usher, Kanye West, and Alicia Keys! Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The Dream‘s throw away win for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration over Nas/Amy Winehouse. Had I been alive in 1985, I would’ve been pissed that Lionel Richie won AOTY over Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, & Prince!

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Could Jessica Lange actually return to the Oscars as a nominee?

Vincelette: I don’t think that Jessica Lange is happening and I have the right to be skeptical about her chances like everyone does. Sorry if I was rude to Langefans – they have the right to rooting for her.

Dallas: By no means I am a Lange fanboy, though I do like some of her work, especially on AHS and in “Blue Sky”….however, you have to admit, she’s already a two-time winner, the Academy clearly loves her. If the performance is good, and the studio is obviously planning to give the film a big push, she could happen….I’m not putting her in my predictions yet…but I’m really looking forward to seeing “The Gambler.”

Phoenix LOVE: In the three years I’ve been predicting her for awards on this site, she has won 2 Emmys, 1 Golden Globe, 1 SAG award, 1 Critics’ Choice award and 3 Gay and Lesbian Film and Television Critics awards. This will be her first year eligible for the Oscars so please, don’t condescend to me.

First costume photos for ‘Into the Woods’ unveiled

Roberto Terra: I’m not liking The Wolf’s look for Johnny Depp. He looks too much like a human in a costume. The fur coat and the tail are awesome, but the tie and the fedora it’s a no! And don’t get me started on the face. Whiskers? Really? He’s a rapist wolf, not a siamese cat! At least give the man a full beard. Emily Blunt looks so so so beautiful in that shot. I really hope this is a hit for her and that she can gain some award traction for this. It’s a true lead character and kind of baity too. Oh and that skirt is gorgeous! That alone will earn Atwood her fourth Oscar.

MorryBoland: The Oscars love transformation and Meryl Streep has a golden ticket for the Best Supporting Award this year as the Witch. Also Streep has an amazing singing piece in the movie. And the role is very much a lead role. I don’t understand why she’s 14/1 to win. She should be very much a favourite to win this year.

SamEckmann: Ugh. Terrible costume for the Wolf. A hat with ears, really? and the whiskers? Unfortunately Im not really digging the transformation costume for the Witch either. Her makeup looks great, but the hair and costume arent working for me. The transformation is supposed to be glam and sexy, with a little danger still. The danger is there..i dunno maybe it looks better from head on. Everyone else looks perfect though.

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