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New York Film Critics Circle award winner reactions

National Board of Review award winners reactions

ETPhoneHome: Hmmm I know that they love Clint Eastwood, so that doesn’t surprise me. A Most Violent Year does surprise me, so that gets me excited. They really liked The Lego Movie, and didn’t like Foxcatcher. I’m glad Nightcrawler got into the 10, but wish Jake Gyllenhaal had gotten actor, or Tony Gilroy got Breakthrough director.

Troye: t’s so obvious they’re spreading the wealth…(most notably in honoring How to Train Your Dragon 2 in ANIMATED and Lego Movie in SCREENPLAY). And Boyhood only got in Top 10, without winning anything else — I think it has something to do with the fact that NBR voters are aware of its overwhelming victory yesterday at the NYFCC. Not to say that they’re bad choices (no, I’m not talking picking Eastwood as director; that’s plain ridiculous). Just hard to predict is all.

Atypical: Nice wins for Michael Keaton and Edward Norton! “A Most Violent Year” wins BP? Wow, okay. The St. Clintfest continues with the NBR lol.

TomHardys: NBR is hardly an Oscar barometer (see last year’s list of winners) but A Most Violent Year and Nightcrawler just got a significant boost, specially the former. As I’ve been saying several times for the past few weeks, Jessica Chastain is Patricia Arquette‘s main competition, not Meryl Streep. Keira Knightley is also a real threat.

Sagand: In the last 30 years NBR’s best film has been nominated for best picture every time except Quills, Gods and Monsters and Empire of the Sun.

FilmGuy619: I’m loving that Birdman is continuing to get plenty of love, especially for Edward Norton, Major props for recognizing Obvious Child and Julianne Moore as well! 🙂

Carol-Channing: Whiplash being left off the top 10 list is utter BS. It’s going ALL THE WAY, BABY!

Denis: Is it possible we’re underestimating Logan Lerman‘s chances? He got close for “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” with his incredible performance, I know Ezra Miller had all the buzz but I remember him being called the heart of the movie and a revelation. Should we be considering him for “Fury“?

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Macbeth: I simply cannot stand Matt McAndrew – he isn’t that good of a singer, and all of his songs in the live shows thus far – God Only Knows, Take Me to Church and Fix You – have been soulless, boring and didn’t capture the raw emotion of the originals. McAndrew is just a boring hipster, and he just seems like an unworthy winner, which is probably what he will turn into.

moviefan61794: Damien…oh good Lord, Damien…his performance of “Someone Like You” was equivalent to a stranger showing up on your front doorstep, taking something you love very, very dearly, and dragging it through a sea of nails and broken glass. I haven’t liked this guy all season, and tonight was the kiss of death for me. PLEASE, by an act of God, do not let him through this next round (even though it looks like he will).

Atypical: Big night of performances, but the harsh reality of three people going home tonight is a tough one. With the tween fanbases being what they are, it means that some really great singers are going home instead of average ones sticking around for being more popular. I guess that’s how it always goes with fan voting, but it’s especially sad to see happen this season with so many good singers left standing. The multipliers go to Matt McAndrew and Damien this week. Damien was amazing on “Someone Like You,” so that was well earned. This was one of Matt’s better performances, and I adore this Damien Rice song, but all I see with him is a douchey hipster guy who doesn’t connect with his lyrics much at all. For him to be running away with this season is somewhat baffling to me.

BoundByChains87: I’m beyond words at what’s left with the remaining contestants, it appears DaNica Shirey will be going home tonight and that’s ridiculous that vocal talent such as hers will just be wasted in place of tweeny girls who have nothing better to do and vote for the “cute” guys because they like what they see and obviously don’t hear what they are looking at.

Grammy Awards final nominee predictions

james14: I put Ariana Grande in my AOTY predictions back when the album was released, then chickened out and replaced her with a safer choice (Jack White). I’m tempted to put her back in, taking out Arcade Fire. I wouldn’t hate it if she made it – she had released my favorite pop album of 2014, until 1989 and Queen of the Clouds came along.

m.A.A.d: The fact Ariana (and some others) are even being considered “contenders” for some of the top prizes shows how weak the year is. I’m trying to hold back my predictions for the top prize. The Academy will probably throw some curveballs. Hopefully, it’s something deserving.

mikeboy898: I definitely see some curveballs being thrown our way, and one of those very well could be an Ariana Grande AOTY nomination, sadly. I also don’t think both Jack White and Arcade Fire will get into AOTY. One of them will. One is a multiple-year nominee in this category and the other is a previous winner. The voters obviously have shown love for them in the past and it’s not like their respective albums were notably worse.

RadioGagaHead: I’m beginning to think more and more that St. Vincent and/or Lana Del Rey can break into the GF, but I’m not confident enough to predict them. Both of them arguably released their best albums yet and they have made every single best of 2014 list I have seen (often ranking higher than Beck, Jack White, the Black Keys, etc.) St. Vincent is critically acclaimed and well respected in the rock industry and the rock/alt contenders are relatively weak this year.

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