16 hottest forums posts: A career best performance from Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Nightcrawler’?

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Nightcrawler’ reviews and reactions

Baby Clyde: Saw this today and it’s great. Should really be in the discussion. Career best perf from Jake Gyllenhaal and fantastic to see Rene Russo back looking amazing. Would love to see her get a Supporting Nom. She certainly deserves one. Riz Ahmed is great as well. It’s like a mix of Taxi Driver and Network. Loved it.

Filmatelist: It’s a fun movie, with a terrific extended action showpiece towards the end–inspired, incredibly suspenseful, and compellingly executed. Jake is terrific as an incredibly creepy go-getter; think Travis Bickle after attending a Tony Robbins seminar.  His internal logic is impeccable and drive relentless, but he’s clueless about social skills and he pulls it off convincingly.  The field is too crowded for him to be a contender but it’s as good as he’s ever been. Russo does a good job but I wouldn’t consider a stand-out.  But all her scenes are with J.G. and theirs is a weird work dynamic that resonates through the film.  And it’s a role that banks on a career woman scrabbling for work as her looks “decline” and professional options dry up, so there’s some thematic meat that might connect with the acting branch.

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KyleBailey: Just saw this and what a hell of a ride. This is probably the most interesting movie subject wise. Jake was really good and really creepy. I describe him as Hannibal Lector (the good one, Anthony Hopkins with a video camera. He rarely blinked and made it such a creepy performance. Though I still think he won’t make the cut, in a weaker year he would be in the talks. Russo did a really good job but nothing to really warrent any nominations. I wish we had a little more development with Riz he kind of just stayed to the side up until the end. The climax kept my eyes wide open just dazzled at what I was watching. The script felt like I was watching an Aaron Sorkin film almost how quick and fast it was even Jake started sounding like Jesse in Social Network. The directing, cinematography, and especially the score are wonderful. Hate kids? Hate giving out candy? See this movie.

ETPhoneHome: Just saw Nightcrawler tonight, and I LOVED it. Perfect execution of the film, and Gyllenhaal just flew into my personal Best Actor list, though I need time to reflect on placement. I would love to see the cinematography and editing get nominated, as well as Score. Hell, I would even put it in the BP lineup if I could. I still need time to process it, but suffice it to say, I was wowed.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode ‘The Misinterpretation Agitation’

AviChristians: By far my favorite episode of this season, which quite frankly has been sub-par and a massive step back from the amazing Season 7. Very cohesive episode. All characters involved, Billy Bob Thornton‘s guest appearance being kept under wraps till the last minute. Great writing, great performance by Thornton. Have to echo the rest of the critics reviews, this is an A- episode for sure.

Denis: I thought Billy Bob Thornton was good, he wasn’t Newhart’s good or James Olmos’s good, but I really liked his character, this has so much potential, great episode

adamunc: Melissa Rauch is quickly becoming the female cast member most worthy of Emmy attention. Billy Bob Thornton was wonderful in a role that must have been quite challenging to find the right tone for.

SxECanadianFanSxE: Didn’t really like the episode. There was no resolution to Mayim Bialik‘s fight, which I found quite odd. Thornton was definitely channeling Bob Newhart… If you didn’t find the MIssissippi joke funny the first time (like me), it was a long episode to sit through.

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Oscar race for Best Supporting Actress

Tye-Grr: Saw ‘Birdman‘ (brilliant) last night, and Emma Stone and Naomi Watts are both terrific. The problem with Watts is a lack of screentime, and it felt like her character just sort of faded away (I feel like she was missing a scene). IMHO, this is the best Emma Stone has been since ‘Easy A’, and she is totally worthy of an Oscar nomination. She nails her monologue, yes, but her line readings in every single scene are just great. She has two intimate scenes with Edward Norton‘s character that are among the loveliest and subtlest work she’s done. Wonderful performance.

ibbster: Well, I’m personally on the Patricia Arquette train. I think she hasn’t ever had an opportunity like this to hold down a film but she pulls it altogether with her tough warmth, and is the reason the film works so well for me. You also see her evolve as an actress and as a person, that by the end with her “breakdown” of sorts it’s like five different punches to the gut for different reasons and realizations of your own. Ethan Hawke was just unconvincing to me, especially in the beginning when it felt like he was just there more as a favor to Linklater than to do actual work.

Ryan Lapierre: I have Meryl Streep, Keira Knightley, Patricia Arquette, Emma Stone, and Laura Dern in. I’m going to see Interstellar very soon so I’m gonna hold off on Jessica Chastain for now. Right now the frontrunner is Arquette and she’s probably going to win with a weak field this year.

Vincelette: I don’t see Laura Dern in “Wild” making the cut based on name recognition (she’s a previous Oscar-nominee and in the business for a long time, but come on, she’s not Meryl Streep). Why do people keep predicting her? All who’ve seen the film said that she had nothing to do. So? I also prefer Dern in “The Fault in Our Stars” to Arquette in “Boyhood” – so if the buzzed Original Songs and Woodley are nominated, and her performance in “Wild” will disappoint, I can see Dern making it for “The Fault in Our Stars” actually. She would be a fine, deserving nominee.

Is Christopher Nolan good at writing female characters?

Halo Insider: He uses them as devices too much for my liking. Often, they’re used more to motivate the arcs of his male protagonists than to have individual progressoins of their own (and the fact that they could get away with recasting Rachel Dawes showcases the lack of impact she had with people). Then again, Selina Kyle was easily my favorite part of The Dark Knight Rises, so I don’t feel like I can completely write off his skills in that regard.

AMG: I think his female characters are better than his male ones. Inception (Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page), Dark Knight Rises (Cotillard, Anne Hathaway), and even though I haven’t seen it, Interstellar with Hathaway & Jessica Chastain looks like it could carry on that trend. None of them are weak characters, admittedly you go to Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight and that changes things. BUT his most recent films have standout female characters which are incredibly well written and performed outstandingly. 

ETPhoneHome: I think lately he hasn’t really given them a whole lot to do, but in his early career he wrote good characters for The Prestige, and then Hilary Swank in Insomnia, Carrie Ann Moss in Memento, and Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson in The Prestige. I’m hoping that the characters in Interstellar are at their level, and from what I heard, it seems like they are.

Espeon: Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises was a great female character in my opinion and I even liked Rachel in Batman Begins. I think it’s that the male characters are more important to his stories (I haven’t seen all of them yet) than the female ones. But when his female characters are on screen they aren’t glorified reaction shots *cough* Godzilla 2014 *cough*, they at least don’t bring the film down.

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